28 March 2012

Kuantan Century Ride 2012

Kuantan Century Ride 2012 6h46m29s
Ipoh Century Ride 2007 7h02m00s

KOM 2012 Result


20 December 2011

desaru triathlon 2011

swim 0:54:38 bike 3:44:19 run 3:53:11 total 8:32:08

20 November 2011

Powerman 2011

2011 Post:086 Gun:4:28:40 Net:4:27:56 Run1:1:01:11 T1:0:02:15 Bike:2:03:13 T2:0:02:27 Run2:1:18:53
2010 Post:157 Gun:4:58:48 Net:4:5806 Run1:1:04:21 T1:0:02:22 Bike:2:24:06 T2:0:02:17 Run2:1:25:02

25 July 2011

PD Triathlon 2011

Official time: 2h58m58s 2010(3h11m27s) 2007(3h13m36)
swim: 32m24s 2010(38m30s) 2007(41m20s)
bike: 1h19m51s 2010(1h23m43s) 2007(1h25m38s)
run: 1h04m29s 2010(1h06m36s) 2007(1h06m48s)

11 January 2011

26 October 2010

No turning back...

My wife order this special cake for my Birthday. if i dint finish what i wish for my wife will disappoint. no turning back now.

PS: Careful what you wish for in future

29 July 2010

Port Dickson International Triathlon 2010

Official time: 3h11m27s 2007(3h13m36)-improvement 2minutes
swim:38m30s 2007(41m20s)
bike:1h23m:43s 2007(1h25m38s)
run:1h06m36s 2007(1h06m48s)

what i sow is what i reap, have no complaint on the result as my training was so so only.
Swimming definitely improve as last time i swam breast style, this time i complete with free style. But having to adjust my goggle more than 10 times is really turn off during the PD swim leg. learning to sight and swim straight line really is a painful process.
Cycling only 20km distance maximum during training-struggeling during 2nd 20km in PD cycle leg
Running also never improve always 6-7mins/km pace
Really need to improve all 3legs if want to dip under 3 hours-kampate!(and lose some weight as well...)

Miss Rabbit

Miss Rabbit

12 July 2010

5-11 July 2010 Training

08/07 - 7km run + 1250m swim
10/07 - 1000m swim
11/07 - Morning 11.5km run, Evening 20km Cycling

22 June 2010

21 - 27 June 2010 Training

21/06 - Slacker
22/06 - 750m Swim + 1.5km Run
23/06 - Dreaming
24/06 - Drink drink drink
25/06 - Easy run
26/06 - Work, Eat, Sleep
27/06 - 10km Run KL Marathon 1h09m, evening 1500m swim 31mins

Total Run : 11.5km
Total Swim : 2250m