28 January 2007

Lance ArmStrong!!!

Ulu Yam Ride

6:30am wait for Adrian at Wangsa Maju Project Petrol Station, head to Jalan Gombak and into MRR2 highways, and to Kepong FRIM. There alot of riders waitings. i notice a beautiful bike, LOOK 48X(cant remember last digit).Keep peeping at it, the owner must think i peep on her. Saw some Itali Colnago bike as well and Giant Carbon bike, wish i hit 4D and buy one haha... dont know what is the feeling of riding Carbon bike *sigh* its ok la should appreciate what i had now... at least my bike bring me to Ulu Langat, Taiping, Lata Kinjang waterfall, Bentong and today Ulu Yam. Thinking bring it back to Miri for a ride.
So we ride about 3km to Batu Cave, navigate through the Jam in Batu Cave thinking it was Thaipusam. About 2km we come to the 1st killing hills, about 1km, i used my climbing gear and climb like turtle, then one by one the national cyclist pass by, from the malaysia logo on their jersey i assume they are. After reach the top of the hill, its fun time, zooming down the hills really fun, but the nice thing was the nice view of the Ulu Yam Dam on my left.

About 10-15 mins of cycling come to the second hill, again climb like turtle, after reach there refill my water bottle and zoom down hill again, this time goin down at much faster speed, yea... and do some drafting, continue riding until the Nasi Lemak stall. Take a rest fill up the water tank and the stomach.
Now we heading back to Batu Cave, the journey was not so easy, had to climb the hills under hot sun was killing me, its like forever... however manage to reach the top, refill water and keep on going, by now the Ulu Yam Dam was on my right side, very nice view of it, come to the last hill, short and very killing, damn it... Thank God it was only 1km. After the hill reach Batu Cave and heading back to Wangsa Maju with Adrian, while the others heading back to Kepong. Today ride was hot and windy...

27 January 2007


6am, Bukit Aman->Hartamas
with CCube, Ben, Gradeline, Tey, Ann and her friend
after 5km, stomach upset coz of indigest breakfast,
run and walk to the petronas,
after petronas run 6km with Ann,
last 4km walk with Ann coz she had knee pain,
8:45am reach back Bukit Aman

22 January 2007

Great Eastern 30k Run

Thanks Erl for the morning call, reach Lake Garden at5:30 am, manage to find a parking. Proceed to the starting line, meet Simon from KRI and Karen the new PowerBar athlete. Exactly 6am the 30km run start off, i start slowly behind other runners, we ran into darkness in some places, Run at slow pace and enjoy the run. While running there is many times i wanted to quit and walk, but i keep repeating this 'I refuse to give up' and it help me keep on moving, i dont care i was run at very slow pace like turtle but as long i dint stop for walking.
After the double hills route(10km) now the Hartamas route(20km), i keep telling myself i run this route many times and i can do it. At the 15km water station saw Tey taking photos of other runners. At 17km saw alot of 20km runner heading back to Lake Garden including 30km runners as well. Saw some familiar faces like Ronnie aka Pm1, Gradeline, Zul Azlan, Wendy, Erl, Run Wit U, Kenny Tan, Chris, Adrian, Ccube, Kenneth, Abu, Saiful, Nezz ... the lists go on... Meet DK at the Plaza Hartamas, keep on running until reach the 20km water station. Grab 2 power gel, drink as much as i can like kiasu haha... yea 10km to go, i can do it, go go go... about 1km into the run saw Tey, he took a photo for me,Thanks Tey. Now every steps getting heavier, the blister gone from bad to worst, wish i can find better solution for this! Suddenly i turn back and saw Karen, she overtook me and turbo off...'sigh kena potong by powerbar athlete ma'. Reaching the hill at the mosque, saw alot peoples walking up the hill, but i still refuse to walk, i slowly jog up the hill and come down to the Jalan Duta Traffice lights and reach the 25km water station. Free flows of plain water and endurance drinks, drink like no tomorrow. The streach to the last hill was like taking for every to complete. After reaching the top of the hill is going down time, and my speed was like turtle as well, even uncle overtook me... Upon reaching the traffice lights there is 2km more to go, reaching Jalan Parlimen and getting near to the last traffice light suddenly a guy wearing green Safra vest over took me, very piss off, last 1.5 km only he overtook me, so i follow his butt and i want revange! After the turn at the traffice light he like getting faster, so i just follow his pace, last 500 m i turbo to overtake him and he also turbo back, now we like running side by side, dont care cramp as long i win over him so i push all out last 100m. After finish the run i shake hand with him, ask him whats the time and he told me is 9:30am, i assume is 3h30mins my timing la since i dint wear watch. Have some fellowships with friends before i went home. Today so happy coz i did the 30km run without walking and only stop for drinks.

14 January 2007

Sunday Crazy Ride

Wangsa Maju->Gombak Hospital Orang Asli->Bentong and back,
about 130km,
Wangsa Maju to Gombak Hospital Orang Asli was flat road,
meet Adrian At Jalan Gombak,
At Gombak Hospital Orang Asli meet up wit Arif and few more riders,
from the was all the way up hill and and about 1km down hill before reaching the Genting Sempah McDonald,
At the McDonald we meet up with more riders, total head count was 31 heads,
from there all down hills and flat road to Bentong,
upon reaching Bentong we head for Ice Kacang!

After Ice Kacang we start heading back to Genting Sempah McDonald, last few km's was hill ride, leg getting tired, slowly crank up the hills,want to give up, but lucky i dint, and manage to finish it to Genting Sempah McDonald.
now it time to get back to Gombak Hospital Orang Asli, however the start of the 1km was a very stiff hills! want to cry cranking up that hill,be patient, just climb slowly, and rest of the ride was down hills. Reach home at 2pm and collapse at the living room for a nap... damn tired... what a ride...

Friday Kesas Highway Ride

Lrt station Sri Petaling,
meet the Cheras Gang,
had little accident involve 2 bikers,
lucky no serious injuries,
the ride was great with flat road,
riding in the motorcycle lane was safer,
the rain was on and off,
reach back Lrt station about 10:45pm,
saw a blond girl pass by,
what a surprise it was mary,
reach home about 12am

10 January 2007

PCC Tue Nite Ride

8pm, in front KSH Bike shop TTDI,
meet Nik, Adrian, Bernard , and friends
start with ride up and into the Tunnel,
then down hill with aerodynamic style,
then come this suffering hills,
leg nearly cramp there,
whole leg filled with asic latic,
then downhill and stop at a secret recipes,
all i remember was uphill and downhill all the way until back to KSH,
then we had some food at mamak,
before i left to Bandar Utama to meet my bro.
i was getting crazy with cycling now...

Cant wait for this sunday ride with the
Pedalphiles Cycling Club...

Sunday Road Ride – Bentong (70km)

Date: 14 January 2007

Time: 8.00am

Meeting/Starting Place: Genting Sempah R&R McDonalds. Please check in at least 15 minutes before start, ready to ride.

Ride Routes:

Set A – Genting Sempah (Mc Donalds) to Bentong Ice Kachang and back 70km.

Set B- Genting Sempah (Mc Donalds) to Hot Springs and back 35km (for beginners courtesy of Ah Fatt)

Route Description: Soft rocking breezy and cool descent to Hot Springs and to Bentong. Lovely rolling hills climb back. Not too hard, suitable for beginners wanting a good weekend workout and some hill experience. Don’t worry energy replenishing Ice Kachang awaits at Bentong (better than Powergel)

How to get there: From PJ, take LDP-Kepong-MRR2 towards Gombak-Karak H’Way. Exit at Genting Sempah. From KL –MRR2-Gombak –Karak H’Way-Exit at Genting Sempah.

For more info, please call the Seth +6012 223 2929 or seth.dreampix@gmail.com

Don’t forget to bring your bike and humour.

08 January 2007

7 Jan

8am, Putrajaya

Ride MMDS Route with Aini,
salute Aini, first time ride 25km.
manage to complete 25km in 2hours
cam mana nak qualify for powerman ni...
tak apa first time, next time sure improve one...

6 Jan

6am, Bukit Aman->Hartamas, 20km
Run with CCube, Gradelin, Ben, Pelle and Grace

7pm, Bandar Utama->Titiwangsa, 40km
Cycling with PCC to witness the Visit Malaysia 2007 opening ceremony

03 January 2007

Holiday in Ipoh, Penang and Taiping

Millions Thanks to Nyonya...

Bidor- White Coffee and Duck Leg noodle
Ipoh- Hiking at Bukit Kledang, Choong the next Ironman, Nyonya, How
Chicken rice, Pasar malam, with Geok Choo and Nyonya in Rum Jungle, Jeram waterfall ride
Penang- ABC, Curry noodle, Lobak, Mee Goreng
Taiping- Some cute girl, Taiping lake, overtake by uncle, Memorial place
Coffee+Tea, Char Kueh Tiaw, Fishy Char, ABC, Fish Cake, Hokkien Noodle

2006 into 2007

God was so kind to me, Thanks God,
made most of my wish come true in 2006...

+ run from 10k to 21k to 42k(not fully completed cramp at 18k)
+ cycling (just started 3 weeks ago)

2007 wish list:

+ complete full marathon
+ complete duathlon
+ complete triathlon