28 November 2006

Singapore Here I come!!!

5 more days to go...
20,000++ runners...

leaving everything in life behind for once...
just run free...
enjoy the run...

who care about the timing?
who care about the suffering?
only care to finish it once it started...

25 November 2006

Sat LSd and Sun recovery

Bukit Aman,
Wtih Grace, CCube and Wong.
Along the way meet Mary and friends.

Double hills.

16 November 2006

powerman lumut photo

capturing moving subject with blur background,
only 3 photo success,
but i already happy...

15 November 2006

11pm night 2.1km run

Its been few days dint run, my last run was sunday 23km lau z cramp run, i cannot tahan lioa... after reach home 10pm, throw my monkey cloths, check email as usual, check superstar blogs, check messenger, then do little warming up and streaching, i live at 9 floor, so run to 18 floor, took lift down to G floor, walk to my condo guard house, from their eyes, i know what they thinking,"yea, a crazy guy run at night", from gurad house to the starting point its about 100m, left and right full of people 'yam cha' , but i felt like 1km, damn it, all those people look at me like aliens,i think to my self"who cares, never see people run at night ar?".
Traffic light was my starting point, i press my triax and strat running, run at comfortable pace, run opposite direction of incoming cars, avoid being hit by car from behind, about 500m into the run, hitting the hill, the hill was nothing compare to kenny hill i run, but coz of fast pace, felt little suffering, try to control my pace and breath deeply, not to run too fast, when near the top, breath heavily, but dint stop, continue to run, and picking up the pace, by now i had to watch out for more incoming cars as i getting near to my condo, on my right was whole rows of mamaks and on my left had incoming cars pass by, last 200 m, just maintain my pace until the traffic light where i started and press my triax,10m27.79s about 5m pace. Not bad erasing my last record 11m10.58s next time should do under 10 mins.
When thinking i cant 'pia' this sunday for the KRI already no mood, *sigh* the medal and trophy very 'sui' check it out at ming huey blog. For all the guys 'pia' in KRI this sunday all the best ya!

12 November 2006

Gift from my brother

Powerman Lumut 11/11 2006

Wendy, Mary and friends
Nyonya in action(sub2, 5th place in sprint event)
Mary in action (first time cycling salute her)
PM3 in action
Men Champion
Women Champion
Dino over heat...

07 November 2006

without limits

after watch the movie, motivate me very much!
when i run, just of blister i thinking of stoping but steve pre run till his feet bloody, so blister is nothing...
Thanks to PM19 who told me the movie name. He had the dvd 3 years ago...

05 November 2006

Bidor Half Marathon 2006

I was asked to put this PM1&21 compulsary photo

Thank to Lai, who fetch me and Grace to Bidor this morning, he very kc until cannot sleep, so must be very tired driving, but after PR 1'47.34 sure can sleep well tonight.
The Half Marathon run start at 7am sharp, my body still cold, even i try to warm it by jogging, so try to run at comfortable pace at the beginning, 1km into the run i was not comfortable, my clave was feeling tight, then slpit chin pain on both legs, but i think what the hell? as long i still can run i will run, few minutes into the run, my big toe felt numb, ar... dint care just keep on running, ran through chinese cementary on my left, and all the way was cooling and under shade of trees, after the 1st 'u' turn, i grab a drink and continue on, Sim smoke me around 6km, it was all flat road, until the 9km then i had to turn right and go up hills, and reach the 10km water station, by this time all my pain was gone, i saw my watch it was 54m24'32, but i know still had half of the distances to go and it got hills, but i dont know how many hills, just do it! now the sun had shine and getting hotter very minutes, try to stay in shade as much as possible, dont want get over heated, as i ran i saw 10 km running at the opposite direction, greeted Wendy(9th in 10km) and Rachal, now blister start to bugging me, i told myself dont think about it but keep on running, untill the 15km water station and make another 'u' turn, i drink 2 cup of 100plus and grab a bottle of water and bring it with me, now the uphill thing is like going forever, never stop, run run run... until i had to stop at a bridge where underneat it was highway, i cant take it, stomach felt uncomfortable, i throw up maybe drinking too much water, felt better now and continue running, at 1km turning saw Ronnie(5th 10km) standing there chatting with volunteer, he told me still 1 km to go, so i grab a drink and keep on running, i know its getting near, can i make it in sub 2? just do my best, control my pace, not too ran too fast and blow myself, run run run... into the last tuning and saw the finishing line, saw Rachal, Sim and Lai cheering for me, so turbo to the finishing line, stop my watch. 1h58m52'92. Then saw Dk come to the finishing line, we was shouting and cheering for him, few minutes later Grace came to the finishing line, we cheering for her also. Grace Timing: 2h5m'20 (10th)*not fair she get throphy somemore!

02 November 2006

cinya long piak(hit the wall) run at klcc

bidor sub2 hope slowly fade away...
today plan to do tempo run of 8 laps,
too long dint do tempo,
after 1 and half lap warming up and streaching,
run 1st lap with chee kai mun,
first time meet him, he say he was doin 18 laps,
at slow pace, about 7m30 per lap should be fine to me,
so just follow him, just 2nd laps already see the stars,
what the hell happen?!? and hard to catch air...
the slowest lap i run was more than 8 mins,
not acceptable this speed in half marathon...
after 4 laps go home, bang the head to the wall...

conclusion :too much LSD, left out tempo run,end up see stars in tempo run ...