19 July 2006

4th week training

mon 7:00pm
wangsa maju S2
today leg very sore,
so run very very slow...
2.1km =15m06.67s~7m

tue 6:30pm
klcc park
recovery run,
still feel sore the legs,

1st lap=8m08.14s~6m15s
2nd lap=7m19.05s~5m38s
3rd lap pacing with ah grace before i went off klcc park,
run at jln pinang-> p.ramlee->jln perak->wisma cosway
total distance~5km

ah grace really strong runner!
her 8 laps timing 1h3mins~6m.06s/km
she told me her next target is 10 laps!!!
here hers 10 laps timing 1h22mins~6m18s/km

16 July 2006

The worst thing can happen in Half Marathon

Seremban Half Marathon 2006

First of all i want to apologize to Adam and the gangs because i dint turn up at 4:30am, i truely regret is as my own fault not getting up on time. really really sorry to u all.

5:45am-wake up, still in KL! really its nightmare, i cant believe this is happening, the run is at Seremban le! Grab what ever can and reach to my car, call ronnie on the way to ask about which hotel he staying to collect the bid. ask him to pass it to the receptionist as i will be late.

6:00am-start my car and push it to the limits.

6:30am-reach seremban my PR from Wangsa Maju to Seremban! got minor scratch on the car as i hit drain i dint see while parking! bad luck!

6:45am-after get bids from the hotel run to the padang, just a sips of isotonic drink i heard the gun sound off for the half marathon run, quickly run to join the half marathon runner, break fast dont take, banana dont take, shoe not tie, no streaching, no warming up, bid number not tag so had to tag it on and all the runner run about 100m in front i had to start from the last place!, and the watch timing forget to start! very bad luck!

7:15am-1st water station still no sight yet, only see sponging station, take my power gel and steal the vounteer drinks! i was lucky can steal volunteer drink while the other get no drinks! somemore saw people sell drink for rm1, i though the drink should be sponsor by the organiser! i stop to tie my shoe and all the runner i just over took, run pass by me! very very bad luck!

7:50am-reach first water station, at 10/11km mark, only serve isotonic, after drink keep burping, and somemore ran uphill, after 13km cannot take it lia, so thristy and leg so tired, walk and run, manage talk to few other runner from seremban and kl. most of them complaint about no water serve at 5km mark. for me no more Seremban half in future, organiser suck!

8:30am-reach 2nd( the last) water station, drink 2 cups of pipe water! then meet up with the student walker, they all come for 'jalan jalan' ka? sun already come out, so hot and thristy manage to walk and run only. at one time i had to stop at petrol station to wet my body coz very hot, this time confirm very bad timing!

9:15am-finish the run, thank God got a guy pacing with me in last 2km. i guess i am old, cant remember his name. but if see his face should remember him. nice chatting with him, also from kl, next week he will be at port dickson for the triathlon and the following week in the penang bridge run, should be able to meet him there!

1:00pm-reach home after lunch with ronnie, rac, ah loong and cm in Seremban for Famouse fishball noodle and only server with barley or jelly drink, no Milo! thanks to Ah Loong recommend this shop no Milo for me :( ,so tired wan go to dreaming again...

overall this is my worst half marathon...

15 July 2006

3rd week training

Wed 7:30 pm
Wangsa Maju S2 1 loop

Thur 6:30 pm
Wangsa maju S2->TARC->Wangsa maju S2
5 km=29m26.18s ~6m

11 July 2006

Register Mizuno Wave Run 2006

Before the klcc run i register for the Mizuno Wave Run 2006 at World Of Sport Sungai Wang, and get 30% discount voucher for mizuno product valid till 15 Oct 2006, Mizuno run is on 17 Sept 2006, limited to 2,000 enteries only, made me kiasu to register!

Run 5 loops 6.5km at near 6min pace

As usual i wait for DK,then put my bags in his car and off to run, the whole run dint meet up with him until i finish my 5 laps only i meet up with him to get my bag and chit chat with him, he going to Mumbai tomorrow, wish him safe journey, during run saw ah loong, racheal and ronnie. at lap 4 pace with Tey, Justin and Phyllis, get to meet Phyllis for the first time, she was a
lso from Miri, Tey say i had nice leg, pai sie pai sie... haha... anyway, confortable pacing with them for the 2 laps before i went off. today i was testing my new climax cool short, buy it after discount, really pull the sweat off my leg, really amazing :) only 1 draw back, its shorter than basketball pant, so felt sexy haha... today dint wear my Bossini Sport-Techno Dry Tee(should be like dry fit) i bought it last year at singapore, hopefully can try it on next training and the seremban 21km run.


1st lap 7m06.88s ~ 5m30s/km

2nd lap 7m30.52s ~5m46s/km

3rd lap 7m23.62s ~5m42s/km

4rd lap ?m??.??s~?m??s/km-forget press the watch lap timing

5rd lap ?m??.??s~?m??s/km-forget press the watch lap timing

3 laps 3.9km= 22m01.02s

total distance 6.5km

07 July 2006

2nd week training

6:30 pm
3 loops 3.9km target under 7m30s per lap~5m46s/km

1 lap warming up. the do some streaching, see ronnie running there, he ask me not to follow him late i puncit!, after 1st lap saw ah loong streaching, just say hi to him, during the run i felt ipoh run more easy not like klcc got up and down, after finish 3 laps+1lap cold down i saw mr, tey and phyllis running, he ask me got join seremban 21k, i told him i only join 11k, again i was being cheated to run, but this time by ronnie :P, he say he will register for me on the bid collection day!, this time i want to try run under 1 hour 6mins time, coz in ipoh i suppose to run10k under 1 hour but being cheated by wan lin to run 21k :P, but felt little mentally tired coz run alot these few weekend continue one with another, all begin after :
pj half 10k,
then tasik perdana 11.5k,
then ipoh run 21k,
this sunday 20k(cancel coz laman 2006),
then next week seremban run 10k(again change to 21km),
then lucky my parent come so can rest for penang run,
then penang 22.3k yuppie...
tomorrow not working so join my bro for basketball at TARC, its long time dint touch basketball!


1st lap 6m47.77s - run too fast ~ 5m11s/km

2nd lap 7m07.27s -slow down abit ~5m30s/km

3rd lap 7m10.17s -last lap no energy lia... ~5m30s/km


05 July 2006

Ticket to Penang Bridge!

Today receive the receipt for the penang international marathon 2006, so happy :) cant wait to run there...

04 July 2006

Recovery Run

6:30 pm
Wangsa Maju S2
Recovery Run
1 loop 2.1km=11m56'20s ~5m45s

today leg feel recover lia coz no pain, so put on my shoe and run around section 2, but just about 200m run already feel tired, what happen?!? then i think how can finish the 21km on last sunday? maybe no fun run alone, run in marathon with many many people more fun, so just run 1 loop then go home, calf felt sore... guess havn't fully recover, while walking back to my house, i was thinking what motive me to run? is it all about winning? then i realise winning is not everything, but encourage others to win together is more satisfiying :) hope to encourage more people running

03 July 2006

First 21km run

2 July 2006
Ipoh International Run

i wan to specially thanks to Jason, wan lin, say li, miew, roh wen and grace, i really had a fun times with u guys in ipoh, hope to have trips with u guys again! gonna miss Roh Weh who will working in Singapore soon,
during online registration i register for 10km, but last minute before collecting bid i change to 21km coz being encourage(cheated) by wan lin to try the 21km, the good thing is i get to run 21km, the bad thing is i dont get any t-shirt coz it consider as new registration, i dint wear the t-shirt anyway,
i wake up at 4:45 am, then watch world cup match before taking breakfast, this is first time to run 21km, they advise me to take banana so will had more power wo, and since the day before ate alot and nothing coming out during toilet session, i just scare will need to do big business during run! thanks to Jason coz he give me a Power Gel, very encouraging to me :) ,
we head to the Ipoh padang at 5:45am, when there apply some heat rub since its free! do some streaching and warming up, then we are put into kandang, when the kandang open all run to the starting point.
about 6:45am we go off, my plan was go slower than 6mins pace so can run longer, i was pacing with Grace, her pace was about 6m30s, first 5km run comfort pace with her but so thirsty, when reach 5km water mark we so happy run to get water, i keep telling myself to enjoy the run and not pushing so hard in the beginning, coz i wan finish the run and i dont wan walk to the finishing line,
at 10km mark i saw my watch it was about 1hour 6m, then i told myself the run had just begin... coz my longest run was at 11.5km , at the water station Grace taking her power gel but i dint, i thought reserve it until 15km water station, during the run have water sponging station to help me keep cool from the sun, at 11km mark Grace signal me to go ahead, so i increase my pacing and go play potong potong,
at 15km mark they gave me a power gel, now i had 2 power gel! but consume 1 only, at 16 mark start slowing down coz the leg felt heavy,guess my leg wasnt ready for run over 16km, but keep on running, at about 17km my hand start to cramp, never felt like this before... but today never felt any pain on shoulder and no pain stomach :) once stop to massage the calve coz very painful, but when stop i felt like falling down, my leg felt like jelly for the first time in my life! very scary,
today really 'pia kau kau lat' especially the last 2km, feel like very long... the leg really really tired, but i told myself had to push on, its near, normally 2km can take 12-14 minutes if slow jog, but now it seem like take 1 hour for it! really feel like giving up, but remember ronnie advise, dont pamper yourself too much, dont stop when little pain come, hey but today really really painfull le... so i dint stop just continue to push on,
about 500m near the end i can hear the music from the Ipoh padang, felt so happy but very painful to run, after make a last turning into the finishing point i saw wan li, then ronnie and the gang, so happy they cheering for me! felt like they giving me energy and encouragement, so kick in my nitro and run to the finish line!
My timing 2h19m31.25s and place 105,wow... so happy can finish my first 21km run! and get my first half marathon medal! Then we had photo session with running friends.

power girls/hot chicks
the guys

02 July 2006

Eat eat eat in Ipoh!

1 July 2006
1pm : Bah Kut TehAfter Bah Kut Teh: Tauhu Fa
4pm Tea Time: White Coffee, mix kuih muih, peanut butter bread, egg tart, egg bread and hotdog bread

7pm Dinner