28 February 2007

Tue nite cycling wit pcc

its been more than 2 weeks i dint ride my bike, so tonight must ride kau kau lat...
As usual meet my cycling buddy Adrian, he keep persuading join the PCC time trial, he told me there is lucky draw as well, very tempting... meet Karen, May San( Ironwomen finisher, admirer her finish it despite 40mins over the cutoff time), Nick, and 4 other guys(dint get their name). 1st half was easy ride wit May San and Nick, 2nd half was a bit hardar, push myself at the hills, at the last hill my leg was full of asic lactic and i can felt it shaking when i stop at the traffic light. After the ride we had supper before i ride home.
millions thanks to Adrian for giving me the computer cycle, i installed it 2 weeks back and only today was my first time using it, i keep looking at the computer cycle rather than the road lucky enough dint end up in clinic or hospital, now i had to figure out where did i did the max speed of 59.5km/h...

26 February 2007

Nokia N73

Damn Happy and surprise this CNY, my dad gave me a N73...
i always wanted a handphone can store tons of appointments (my last phone can store like 30 appointments), play music, FM radio, and take photos, photos and lots of photos(yea upgrade to 2G memory soon)...
from now on will take photo using N73 hehe...

New Office Place

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2007 CNY Photo

24 February 2007

CNY visit pm1 couple with supper prawn mee

Photo Courtesy PM22Captim with Kenny Tan couple
Fook with Pm21 Rachel
Locomotive Lai couple
LFS 's seafood prawn mee

Miri holiday training

13 Feb
9am-reach miri :)

5pm-run 6km with Jack under hot sun, burning like hell about 30mins ( yea now got 2 crazy guys in miri)

15 Feb
11am-Swim, conclusion the freestyle sucks... need to learn right techniques...

18 Feb
7am-Chinese New Year Run, short and fast

20 Feb
11pm-Reach KL :(

12 February 2007

Sunday KLIM circuit run

Meet Adrian, Yen Erl , Anne, pacemakers and chit chat...happy run with Grace 3laps, long time dint chit chat with her, 2 laps with Nezz, 1 lap alone, last laps with Anne.
After run go breakfast with Ron, Rac, Lai, Tey, Boon Seng, chit chat tak habis...

04 February 2007

Sunday Nasi Lemak Ride

0600- ride from wangsa maju to setiawangsa to meet Adrian

0630- ride to Ampang climb Ampang hill to cross to the other side Batu 14, the hill was not so bad and the view from the hill was nice, especially KL views

0730- reach Batu 14 gathering point, saw alot fancy bike, Nick got himself new Triathlon bike to test out, the bike so SEXY...

0800- ride to Semenyih dam nasi lemak stall, starting was easy ride and after the turn from the Batu 18 it was like tempo ride all the way to the juntion between Genting Peres and Semenyih, on the left was the nice view of semenyih dam, from there i push myself like time trial, i was going very fast, overtook some riders and suddenly my spare tube fall off and stuck between my wheel and break, my rear wheel was lock out, the bike was dragging about 3seconds scare the hell out of me... lucky dint fall off the bike... phew... after remove the stuck tube following Adrian to the nasi lemak place, refill my bottle and stomach.

1000- ride back to Batu 14 using short cut, yea, steep hill short cut, last time i dint mange to finish the climb but today glad can finish it, reward was the fast down hill and cold sugar cane drinks!

1100- ride back to wangsa maju via ampang hill and busy road of ampang( thats the scary part with all those cars)

1200- reach home and drop death on bed... damn tired...

03 February 2007


6am, Bukit Aman,

(3’30/cicakman/sauconyman) CCube, (Superwomen) Gradeline, (Ironman) Pelle, (MP3man) Wong.

Today plan was to follow Gradeline(know for fast pace in 21k) pace or who ever being in the front. Starting was running at easy pace, first hill at the KTM i was following Gradeline while Pelle leading the way. Next hill i still following behind Gradeline and Pelle, but dont know how i screw up end up i running alone in front, yea i was afraid of the dark... so i slow down my pace and Gradeline came... Reach Jalan Duta and headed to the LDN hill, Pelle was strong on this hill so I followed him, after the traffics lights, after the Federal mosque, CCube kick in his turbo, so I decide to follow, he is damn fast, push myself until want to see stars, only manage to follow him 1-2 mins(guess) before reach the other hill, by the time I reach the hill I already want to vomit bubbles… now I just make sure he is not out of sight, then come the Shopping complex hill, yea the last one before reach the Petronas, after the hill turbo to petronas 56m23s. Thanks Wong for the drink. About 10 mins chit chatting, MR.PR(potong sayur elite team) arrive, so we better make move coz the others potong sayur elite team will arrive soon, as we expected, as soon as we start to run, Tulang man (potong sayur captain) and asthma man arrived and follow by saiful the fast kaki. On the way back I follow Pelle most of the time and chat with him, he is an interesting guy, he just come back from Mumbai Marathon and he had completed 3 Ironman (Gremany, Austria, forgot one more where…) After the Jalan Duta about 1k into the run, I decide to pull away from the group and come to the 1st hill, as I going up the hill I heard foot steps, I turn around and it was saiful the fast kaki and followed by the potong sayur elite teammates. One by one they overtook me, asthma man, tulang man, ccube and MR.PR. Make me so discourage, but what the hell, so I just kept ccube in sight and keep on running. On the way back to saw a lot peoples running as well, including Asia no.1 Mr.Duathlon, Bacin the kaki beskal and member, Faie with chicks, and others determine runners. Reach Bukit Aman at 55m13s, total time was 2h2mins. Have chit chat with them and try out new Saucony 2007 shoe, ai tempted to buy new shoe again… :P After took bath then went to work… :(

02 February 2007

Thaipusan run

after double hill run go malan nasi lemak with der pacemaker families!