31 March 2009

morning run

today we manage to run 5km in 37mins,
wear Asic cumulus 9, feel good though not so cushion as the pegasus i wear

30 March 2009

sg couple run

after coming back from SG,

the weight come back 79kg,

eat eat eat in sg,

finish the 8km couple run with my wife in 59 mins,

manage to get myself Asic Cumulus 9 for SG87,

an offer i cant resist.

well need to go back to training this week.

Thanks to Ben for the photo

27 March 2009


27 march -1.5km swim with all drills.

26 March 2009

morning run

today have a good 7km- 53mins running wit minimal rest,
no struggling like last few runs,
guess the body had adapt to the running,
left knee did not giva any problem today,
but the right knee turn to show some sign of pain,
well thats end of training for this week,
this weekend ll go SG for couple run with my wife.
happy weekend!

25 March 2009


last nite did, drills, breast stroke, freestyle.
total distance 1.5km.
its 1st time i did the longest swim in 25m pool.
yesterday weight :77kg, drop 2kg, target: below 70kg

24 March 2009

run before rain

this morning as i woke up,
saw thunder in the sky,
i thought it will rain,
but still step on the road with my lovely wife,
she wearing her new adidas light weight training shoe,
we run 5.5km for 45mins.
after the run, rain start to come,
its not wasted run after all

23 March 2009


Sat 44km cycling, 2hour++ slownya...
Sun Swimming- play play water...

19 March 2009


last nite did 4.98 km run at 44mins

18 March 2009

this morning suppose to cover 5km run, but rain, got back to sleep =p
anway this evening have to run.
today weight 79kg, target=below70kg,
9 kg to go...

16 March 2009

16--03-09 run

23mins none stop run,
1st 5mins i feel my knee got little bit pain, but the pain gone away for the rest of my run,
maybe i dint warm up properly.

12 March 2009

run run run

on wed have to drag my fat ass to run,
else i hardly see my toe while i standing,
cover about 3km in 26mins,
at least i run. =p

03 March 2009

running again....

its been long time dint blog,
thanks to facebook haha...
anyway today is my 1st run for the year,
about 2km, maybe a good start,
just hope no more injury this year to set me back,