25 December 2009

Close shop for the year of 2009

After last week Malakoff 12km run, it was the last run for the year. I am looking forward for 2010 run. Hope to get more medal next year to add to my medal tally :)

2009 medals:
1. New Balance Pacesetters 15km Run
2. New Balance Klang Pacer 10km Run
3. Standard Chartered KL Marathon 21km Run
4. Ekiden 11km Relay Run
5. Pacemaker Network 2.6km x 4 Relay Run
6. Chin Woo Biathlon 800m Swim 7km Run
7. Malakoff 12km Run

2008 medals:
1. Standard Chartered KL Marathon 21km Run
2. New Balance Pacesetters 15km Run
3. Bidor Half Marathon 21km Run
4. Adidas Sundown Marathon 42km Run
5. Desaru Pengerang International Triathlon Relay-2km Swim, 90km Cycle, 21km Run

2007 & 2006 medals:
have to go back miri audit.

When i look at these medals, it motivate me to train harder and to join more races in future :)

22 December 2009

Tang Yuan

Colorful Tan gYuan with peanuts
Tang Yuan with ginger soup

17 December 2009

What is marriage?

What is marriage? its the day i have a wife , new parents, new siblings and whole lots of new relatives...
More responsibility, more commitment, more things to do...
Less time for personal things... =p

12 November 2009

08 August 2009

toyota prius hit town!

Good news for those who wanted a car would save the enviroment, use less energy, dispose no harmfull gas car. Toyota Prius just hit town! Check here! This car is super, the plastic dashboard in the car is made of plant not those checmical type.
Not so good news is the price tag was at RM180K.
i think i will still stick wit my current not so fuel saving, not so aerodynamic, not so enviromental friendly carburator engine proton saga of RM30k price tag. With RM180K could buy a house de... or take 10% of RM180K=RM18k could buy a cool triathlon bike with super aerodynamic, do not use petrol and safe for the enviroment, if only i got the money...
just my opinion =p

08 June 2009

Klang NB Run

we have confident in the new shoe we purchase few days ago, we know its a risk to use new shoe during race day, but just cant resist the temptations. Even someone told us tat 3.0 is a shoe mean for shopping not for running. Later we prove this is not play play shoe!
Group photo after the run
with frens
ms. rabbit with her trophy
Ms Rabbit with her new shoe that make her personal best in 11km!
one of my best run in 2009,
as i dip slightly below 6mins pace,
the only time i did was in 2007 bidor and mizuno run,
what a loooooong time ago...
The Klang Run was very good in organising the 21km and 11km run,
alot volunteer, good traffic control, enough water station, sadly for 21km all water only,
but for 11km its ok, got plenty of foods after the run.

01 June 2009

June 1-7 Week Act's

Mon Nite : Swim 1500m + Run 1.5km hard + hill

Wed Morning: Leg exercise

Wed Nite : Abs roller + Body Combat

Fri Morning : 5km run

Sun Morning : run 11km 1h 5mins NB Klang Run

Starting weight as start of program : 77.9kg fat 23.5%

Starting weight as June : 72.0kg fat 19.1%
Starting weight current week : 72.0kg fat 19.1%
Current weight : 71.8kg fat 19.0%

Total weight lose for current week : 0.2kg fat 0.1%
Total weight lose for month of June : 0.2kg fat 0.1%
Total weight lose for the program : 6.1kg fat 4.5%

27 May 2009

15-31 May Week Act's

Mon Nite : Chest + Back

Tue Nite : Swim 1000m + 1km run

Wed Morning : Run 6km

Thur Nite: Gym Back + shoulder

Fri Nite : Swim 1000m + Run 3km

Sat Morning : Gasing

Sun Morning : Run 11km

Starting weight as start of program : 77.9kg fat 23.5%

Starting weight as May : 73.8kg fat 20.3%
Starting weight current week : 72.3kg fat 19.2%
Current weight : 72.0kg fat 19.1%

Total weight lose for current week : 0.3kg fat 0.1%
Total weight lose for month of May : 1.8kg fat 1.2%
Total weight lose for the program : 5.9kg fat 4.4%

18 May 2009

18-24 May Week Act's

Mon Nite : Swim 2500m with drills

Tue Morning : Core exercise

Wed Nite : Gym- Chest+ Bicep + 20min Cycling - 1 hour

Fri Nite : Swim 1500m- 45mins

Sat Morning : Cycling 40km- 1 h 30mins

Sun Morning : Swim 1000m drills

Starting weight as start of program : 77.9kg fat 23.5%

Starting weight as May : 73.8kg fat 20.3%
Starting weight current week : 72.7kg fat 19.7%
Current weight : 72.3kg fat 19.2%

Total weight lose for current week : 0.4kg fat 0.5%
Total weight lose for month of May : 1.5kg fat 1.1%
Total weight lose for the program : 5.6kg fat 43%

14 May 2009

11-17 May Week Act's

Mon Morning : Swim 1000m with drills
Mon Nite : Gym- Chest & Back

Tue Morning : Speed work for run 300m x 5
Tue Nite : 1 mins plank + 30 sec each side plank x 3sets, cable abs pull + side rise x 3+Interval cycling 30mins

Wed Morning: 15rep x push up, 12rep x abs roller(train core, shoulder & back & arms) x 3sets

Wed Nite : Swim 1500m freestyle & 2km run

Thur Nite : Shoulder + leg + back + 30 mins interval cycling

Fri Nite : Swin 1500m + Run 6km

Sat Nite : Swim 2000m freestyle

Sun Morning : New Balance 15km run 1h 50mins
Total workout time 8hours this week

This week as expected the weight dint drop much as i start to eat carbs,
but got improvement in training.

Starting weight as start of program : 77.9kg fat 23.5%

Starting weight as May : 73.8kg fat 20.3%
Starting weight current week : 73.0kg fat 20.1%
Current weight : 72.7kg fat 19.7%

Total weight lose for current week : 0.3kg fat 0.4%
Total weight lose for month of May : 1.1kg fat 0.6%
Total weight lose for the program : 5.2kg fat 3.8%

08 May 2009

4-10 May week Act's

Tue: Gym & Cycle 20mins
Thur: Run 8km
Fri : Swim 1000m
Sat: Run 7km
Sun: Swim 1500m

Starting weight as start of program : 77.9kg fat 23.5%
Starting weight as May : 73.8kg fat 20.3%
Starting weight current week : 73.8kg fat 20.3%
Current weight : 73.0kg fat 20.1%

Total weight lose for current week : 0.8kg fat 0.2%
Total weight lose for month of May : 0.8kg fat 0.2%
Total weight lose for the program : 4.9kg fat 3.4%

04 May 2009

last week activites

tue: gym & cycle 20mins
wed: 6.5km run
friday : 6.5km run
sat afternoon: gym & cycle 20mins
sat nite : swim 1500m with drills
Sunday : 9.5km run

this week was a really tired week as i switch to high protein & high fat diet & low carb since last week, my body hardly recover from exercise without carbs,
as i can fell there is not energy in my body, i cant even run more than 6km or more,
this ll effect my performance in the long run if i wanted to train for half marathon,
so starting this week i ll be adding more carbs into my diet

weight as at early April : 77.9kg 23.5%
current weight: 73.8kg fat% 20.3%
total weight lost for month of April: 4.1kg fat% 3.2%

27 April 2009

weekend act's

sat morning cycle: 23km :59mins
noon swim 1500m tempo : 29min with few rest
nite eat steamboat-killer foods: fishball, meatball, all those make of flour foods, fry tauhu, fry foo zook,
sunday morning run 6km : 42mins
evening swim 1500m with drills
nite eat dinner at restauran killer foods: most of the food cook wit unhealthy oils, even the vege look oily, grill pork with skin-gross-i dint even try on it, fish beehoon, red bean desert with tong yuan full of sugar, fry pan cake-i dint dare to touch, durian cake-ewe... no wonder i gain 1 kg just a dinner!
weight 75.8kg fat% 22%,
just 2 days i gain 1kg ++, i was like SH*T,
feel so sad with all my affort last week,
just wash down the drain in the weekends,
i ate clean food during the weekdays.
F king demotivated this morning.

25 April 2009

run, swim

friday morning, run 4km 30mins, too tired too run not enough sleep
night sim 250m easy, 250m moderate, 250m hard,
weight 74.1kg body fat 20.6%

23 April 2009


wed morning 5km 34mins.

22 April 2009


tue nite- swim 1500m with drills.
76.2kg 22.1% body fat

21 April 2009

weekend activites

sat: swim 1500m with drills,
sun: run 15km in 2hours,
weight: 76.3kg, 22.3%, almost every weekend i gain back the weight i cut on weekdays, hard to resist those family dinner with big feast. have exercise hard during weekend to keep the weight off.

18 April 2009

yesterday activities

morning run 8km in 58min,
nite swim 2000m.
weight: 75.3kg, 21.4%

16 April 2009

triathlon malaysia website up!

new face of triahtlon malaysia website,
wat i surprise there is one olympic distance putrajaya triathlon on 10-10-09,
sure ll be alot of hits from triathlete around klang valley.


mini biathlon

yesterday morning suppose to run 5km,
but it rain, so i continue to sleep,
at nite we (my wife) did a mini biathlon,
1000m swim and 2km run,
run until my heart want to blow out!
but it was fun.
today weight : 76.2kg, 22.0% body fat
look like by this weekend can achieve 76 kg and below :)

15 April 2009


last nite swim 1500m with breathing on the left and right side.
today weight :76.3kg 22.1% body fat

12 April 2009

weekend activities

sat: 1500m swim
sun: 11km run in 1h 14 mins
today weight 76.7kg 22.7%

10 April 2009


today run7km, 50mins,
hopefully tonite wont rain,
need to do some swim, or maybe biathlon style,
i m bit worry coz my wife told me tonite will have family dinner at restouran,
so no swim and eat alot= gain fat!
God bless...

09 April 2009

change of plan

last nite suppose to do 1500m swim,
but have last minutes change as i saw the thunder striking,
its 1st time in my life i swim with fear will be struck by lighting,
did a fast 2 x 250m swim and 2 x 400m tempo run,
today weight 76.6kg, 22.2% body fat

08 April 2009


today did short hill repeat x 4,
today weight 76.9kg, 22.5%,

06 April 2009

weekend act's

sat-20km ride using kesas highway
sun-10km run at double hill route

we bought a digital weight scale that can measure weight, body water level and body fat level and BMI as well.
we suspect our analog weight scale not accurate and it was showing 1kg lighter!
today weight:77.9kg, 23.5% body fat
need to work hard to drop the body fat...

03 April 2009


today hit 4.7km 33mins.
tonight will swim 1500m minimum

01 April 2009

last nite swim

i swim 1.5km with drills,
my wife swim 1km freestyle,
anyway is better swimmer than me =p

31 March 2009

morning run

today we manage to run 5km in 37mins,
wear Asic cumulus 9, feel good though not so cushion as the pegasus i wear

30 March 2009

sg couple run

after coming back from SG,

the weight come back 79kg,

eat eat eat in sg,

finish the 8km couple run with my wife in 59 mins,

manage to get myself Asic Cumulus 9 for SG87,

an offer i cant resist.

well need to go back to training this week.

Thanks to Ben for the photo

27 March 2009


27 march -1.5km swim with all drills.

26 March 2009

morning run

today have a good 7km- 53mins running wit minimal rest,
no struggling like last few runs,
guess the body had adapt to the running,
left knee did not giva any problem today,
but the right knee turn to show some sign of pain,
well thats end of training for this week,
this weekend ll go SG for couple run with my wife.
happy weekend!

25 March 2009


last nite did, drills, breast stroke, freestyle.
total distance 1.5km.
its 1st time i did the longest swim in 25m pool.
yesterday weight :77kg, drop 2kg, target: below 70kg

24 March 2009

run before rain

this morning as i woke up,
saw thunder in the sky,
i thought it will rain,
but still step on the road with my lovely wife,
she wearing her new adidas light weight training shoe,
we run 5.5km for 45mins.
after the run, rain start to come,
its not wasted run after all

23 March 2009


Sat 44km cycling, 2hour++ slownya...
Sun Swimming- play play water...

19 March 2009


last nite did 4.98 km run at 44mins

18 March 2009

this morning suppose to cover 5km run, but rain, got back to sleep =p
anway this evening have to run.
today weight 79kg, target=below70kg,
9 kg to go...

16 March 2009

16--03-09 run

23mins none stop run,
1st 5mins i feel my knee got little bit pain, but the pain gone away for the rest of my run,
maybe i dint warm up properly.

12 March 2009

run run run

on wed have to drag my fat ass to run,
else i hardly see my toe while i standing,
cover about 3km in 26mins,
at least i run. =p

03 March 2009

running again....

its been long time dint blog,
thanks to facebook haha...
anyway today is my 1st run for the year,
about 2km, maybe a good start,
just hope no more injury this year to set me back,