29 October 2006

Sunday LSD 20km

Bukit Aman,
20km easy run,
with Tey, Phyllis, Chui Miew and Kam Meng
meet with many usual runners, coach Chan runners and Chen

28 October 2006

Saturday 33km LSD

Bukit Aman,
with Grace and CCube,

meet Dr.Jamie, Dk and his friend Lee in the car park, then meet 3 of CCube friends, about 6:10am we start our run, during the run meet justin and kenny, and some of triathlete doing riding, at 30.6km, Grace and CCube continue to lake garden do 1 loop around the lap, while i go back car, toe blister, not satisfie wit the run coz my leg still can run, i dont wan wasted this chance to push myself, i took off the sock, wrap a facial cotton on my blister toe, put back my shoe without the sock and run the lake garden 1 loop and run back to car park, so happy today can break mental barrier, i can easily give up the last 1 lake garden loop, but i wan push myself up to 33km, a very satisfie run today :) after the run CCube let me test the Saucony Trigon 4, very comfort... dont know want to buy or not? ...

25 October 2006

Wed 20km

Bukit Aman,
Grace 21.4km=2h7m
Fook 20.6km=2h9m

Cameron Trip and Birthday celebration

24 Oct

Saisaki Buffet and Baoz

23 Oct

Eat eat eat...Now u see, now u dont!

Pacemaker and friends makan makan

22 Oct
Section 17
Famouse Thai fried rice and sugar water

23 October 2006

Sunday 20km lsd

bukit aman,
Tey & Phyllis,

summary :
meet adam, cc hoo, boon send, chen, sim, ronnie during the run,
very suffering when near 15km, leg nearly cramp, thanks to Tey, pacing wit me all the way back to bukit aman, give me encouragement not to give up, he told me "since u ran so far y not take this chance and dont waste it, push ur limits', felt want to cry, my mind felt like wan to give up, leg wan cramp felt wan give up, stop cannot, walk cannot, must keep on running or jogging, i push myself, i told myself i dont wan cramp at padang merbok again!, so keep pushing myself, mind so weak, but when saw the traffic light back to bukit aman i was so happy, then few more meters to my car! grab the 100plus and down half bottle of it... then have some chatting with Tey Adam, Phyllis, Jason, Sim, Boon Seng and Ronnie before i go home...

21 October 2006

Saturday 30km LSD

bukit aman car park
grace, dk, tey, phyllis, jason, ccube and friends.

today meet pm42 for the first time, he is very nice and anyone looking for Saucony shoe do contact him at cchoi_2020@yahoo.com
pm41 change her hair style, look good on her :)

thanks to pm22 for the drinks.
thanks to pm42 and his friend bring me to run the carcosa route.

16 October 2006

Alibaba Run and Birthday Celebrations 15 Oct 2006

Thanks to everyone for the birthday celebrations, indeed this year is a special birthday for me! I am very happy... :)

2 laps
Grace= 24m 38s

6 laps
How= 1h 16m 08s
Fook= 1h 17m 39s

Thanks to my bro pace with me for the first 5 and half laps, without him i already give up, last half lap thanks to cc hoo who pace with me and give me advise on running marathon in singapore. Not forget all those volunteer who done great job organise the run.

We wake up at 6am prepare ourself and head to Lake garden, reach there about 6:45am. Most of the runners are there. After register we run 1 lap for warming up. Saw Grace and her sister doing warming up as well. As we finish the lap everyone was standing at the starting line to get started. Can hear Kelvin loud speaker count down 10,9... and 1 off we go!

The elite pack start off fast, we run following kelvin chow, before we know it, he and Sim smoke us and leave us behind... so we run behind cc hoo. It was mental battle for me coz the day before i had leg cramp and i scare to get it today. After 3 laps running slowly gain back confident, do not care will cramp or not, just want to finish the run... Until 4 lap cc hoo stop abit longer for drink while me move on. Most of the time my bro run with me. The final lap i ask him to go a head as my leg getting tired, then cc hoo catch up and run with him. We chat while running the remaining half lap.

After the run there is free flows of bananas and gatorade drinks. Then follow by the medals givings ceremony, Dk was the VIP present us with the medals. There was surprise birthday celebration for Oct birthday boys(PM1,5,40 and peter). Everyone sang English, Chinese and Bahasa Malaysia birthday songs. The cake was cut till about 40 pieces i guess... but in the end everyone was happy as they leaving, it was a well organise event and a great time for fellowships.

14 October 2006

First 30km LSD 14 Oct 2006

Cinya jialat...
run till cramp until have to sit down!

6 am start the run with Tey, Phyllis, Sj, Jason and Grace at bukit Aman, after 15km ran with Grace, weather wasn't hot, due to not enough mileage, suffer leg cramp at padang merbok, just few more meters to go... *sigh* overall so happy coz push myself to the limits, it was mentally and physically challenges...
Thanks to Tey, Phyllis, Sj and Jason for the first 15kms,
Thanks to Grace for the rest of the run.
Total time: 3h 30m

Tesco 100plus on sales,
1 bottle rm2.25!

Stock up my fridge with 9 bottles!

02 October 2006

Weekend in Miri

Friday, Track running:
400m : 1m21.64s
800m : 4m00.60s

Sunday, First Maiden LSD in Miri with Phyllis:
durations : 3 hours
distance : 20km

more details report by Phyllis

This is the best LSD i ever run, start about 7am with Phyllis, the air was cooling after big rains, we ran by the jogging route, the whole journey we can see the sea near by. whole run the weather was cloudy and cooling, 5km there was a big hill, it was suffering but when u reach the top, the scenery was awsome, i love the view from the hill, where u can see the seas, at 10km we ran by the on the sand by the seaside, while hearing the wave sound, so calm and felt close to nature, about 16km we had to take shelter coz of heavy rain, but when the rain was soft we continue running and finish the run. The experience is hard to describe, but once u experience it u will love it...