11 April 2007

The result...


aiyo... wat i can say is need to improve on all 3 legs...
and i was top 5 counting from behind...
teruk nya...
tak apa first time ma... haha...

10 April 2007

More photos...

Kuato Bike!!! But only doing relay???PCC Tue nite riders taking photo before startAdrian my cycling buddyEugene the fast leng chai"129""good luck!" (actually nervous)Bernard with his flowerAbu and Saiful said " fook u can do it!"Still busy chattingSwim startedCome out from swim (phew...)T1
CyclingWhere is my basket???Its hot hot hot...Nearly fall down :P"That was easy"
"Normal sunday"
"It was tough"
"Very enjoy"
With Helen our official photographer"We did it!"*it was my childhood dream to complete a 3athlon...and i so happy to done it...

09 April 2007

First 3Athlon

Abu, Fook, Saiful

My 1st ever triathlon :) unofficial timing 3h 20m

Wake up about 6am, had breakfast, prepare my things, and help transport Adrian, Bernard and Arif bags to the transition area. They will ride to the Transition area with May San as well. Helen will be the official photographer of the day.

At the transition area meet Eugene&wife, Mary, Bacin, Abu, Saiful and Karen. Had my body marked '129' Then i go down to taste the water, not so bad, getting nervouse...

0800 the Gun fired, i try to stay away from the crowd, dont want get kicked, my freestyle still in learning stage to using breast stroke will be more safer. First 100 m was like hell, my google keep getting in with waters and i very worry coz i wearing contact lense, so i stop a the small island to fix it. After that no more problems swam all the way.

0845 only come out from the water, felt like drunked and blur blur, run up to the T1 and my mind cant recall where i put my bike, lucky i remember my number. i took my time, put on my sock, my shoe, take power gel and drink before get on the bike. The ride was not so bad, greet Aini and May San during the ride. Give high 5 to local kids, what an enjoyable ride. Bits of hills manage to draft 2 guys during the last 30mins of the ride.

1015 reach back to T2, take the last power gel and run, follow Bacin for few meters, but then my leg started to cramp...OMG... i had to stop a while and walk, after the cramp was bit ok, manage to start my run, its getting hot, Karen the powerbar girl overtook me, i cant wait to finish the run, left, right, left, right... until i saw the apartment getting nearer and nearer...

1120 Yea, cross the finishing line... took photos with the gangs :)

*need to do more training on the swim...

02 April 2007

PM Gangs at PD International Half Marathon

One hell of a Half Marathon, Heavy rains, side winds that nearly blew me away, fierce sea wave, new shoe get wets, water stations with free sky juice refill, car splashing waters over me, what can be better than this... 2h4m of running under rain...PM1 playing under rains

PD Beach

Lunch at PD

Curry Chicken Bun
Maggie Goreng
Special Tauhu with Meat Ball
Dual Layer Meat Ball
Butter Crab
Ais Cream courtesy from Adam