25 December 2009

Close shop for the year of 2009

After last week Malakoff 12km run, it was the last run for the year. I am looking forward for 2010 run. Hope to get more medal next year to add to my medal tally :)

2009 medals:
1. New Balance Pacesetters 15km Run
2. New Balance Klang Pacer 10km Run
3. Standard Chartered KL Marathon 21km Run
4. Ekiden 11km Relay Run
5. Pacemaker Network 2.6km x 4 Relay Run
6. Chin Woo Biathlon 800m Swim 7km Run
7. Malakoff 12km Run

2008 medals:
1. Standard Chartered KL Marathon 21km Run
2. New Balance Pacesetters 15km Run
3. Bidor Half Marathon 21km Run
4. Adidas Sundown Marathon 42km Run
5. Desaru Pengerang International Triathlon Relay-2km Swim, 90km Cycle, 21km Run

2007 & 2006 medals:
have to go back miri audit.

When i look at these medals, it motivate me to train harder and to join more races in future :)

22 December 2009

Tang Yuan

Colorful Tan gYuan with peanuts
Tang Yuan with ginger soup

17 December 2009

What is marriage?

What is marriage? its the day i have a wife , new parents, new siblings and whole lots of new relatives...
More responsibility, more commitment, more things to do...
Less time for personal things... =p