18 January 2008

Ben and Yee Hua Wedding Photo Album

I dint some photoshop editing of the photos, send the photos for 4R print out. Select the album and paste the photo on to it. The photo print out bit dark from what i saw on the monitor, maybe because of the matt printing. I never expect cut the photos and paste it on the album take so much time consuming, anyway i m happy with the out come, at least i did my best for the 1st album. Here is few snap shoot of the album...

17 January 2008

Ben and Yee Hua Wedding

12 Jan 2008
Congratulation to Ben and Yee Hua on their wedding day in Malaysia,
i was very happy being invited to be thier second photographer of the day,
wish them have a fun party and wedding in Singapore this weekend,
and lastly hope these wedding memories will remain with them forever...

Yee Hua mother and Yee Tze

The decoration design by Yee Hua and her sisters
Yee Hua and Yee Tze
Ben arrive in style for hair styling time
Tea Time

Ben waiting fot Yee Hua, Yee hua accompany by her dad
Yee Hua being taken away by Ben
Cake cutting ceremony
Yee Hua and Ben being the center of spotlight

Yee Hua and Ben walking down the lane
Champagne ceremony
Yam... Seng!

The runners
Family photo
The sisters

07 January 2008

long time no hit 10k double hill run

6 Jan 2008
with 2 weeks to go for the GE3ok and milage only hit 4.6k as run on last month, its time to get serious run, so this morning with my faithfull buddy Grace we hit the double hill route at 6:30am. Lots of runners are doing their 20-30k by now. Tony, E hua and the gangs already left Bkt Aman by the time i reach there. We run a pretty slow pace as we keep being "sayur" by the other runners. We manage to finish the run in 1h15mins. back in one piece, there is no knee pain! Thank God... As a reward went to chow kit to have our pan mee breakfast, yummy!

Dinner at Tak Fook, Aman Puri, Kepong

5 Jan 2008
coconut curry prawn
Hairy Sotong
Fried MantaoFamouse Salted Egg crab
My sisters Ezy, E hua and Erl

02 January 2008

Pacemaker Network Run

Registration Table
Malaysia Runner
Malaysia Pacer
Fellow runners
sana sana...
Run Baby Run!
Photographer also run
2 become 1
the most salute runner
eat nasi lemak
chit chatting
group photo