31 December 2007

Last run of the year 2007

Sunday 30 Dec 2007

On 1 Jan 2008, Pacemaker organising a Pacemaker Network run at Lake Garden and i raise up my hand to be volunteer for them. I been with PM's group over a year but remain sleeping shareholder after knee injury in June this this year. It was time for me to wake up from hibernation after summer and winter. So Grace my long time no see no run buddy(she been hibernate as well) give me a morning call, so i drag my lazy arse to the lake garden running ground as volunteer for the Pacemaker need to run minimum 2 laps. Put on my rubber that had been purchase since June 2007 and wear less than 5 times. Happy to see familiar faces like ronnie (our caption), rac, ccube, kenny, lai and new faces lile tong hai lor, kptan and the gangs. Did little streaching and start running with Grace:

100m: still good,
200m: start to feel terrible with breathing,
1000m: no able to talk, internal organs felts trumbling around,
2000m: near finish 1 loops, cannot tahan liaw....
2300m: time 13m15s
2400m: we slow down the pace little bit
3000m: felt like giving up! my foot start to feel the pain
3500m: thinking y i doin this?!? this is suffering!the leg so so tired...
4000m: tahan than, just a little bit more...
4600m: YEah finish liaw! lap time 14m10s total time 27m25s

We we presented a medal by Pacemaker Network run Director as token of appreciation for volunteer for the Pacemaker Network Run on ! Jan 2008 after we compelete our last run for the year 2007!

Fook, Grace, Rac

Race Director Mr.Lai and Captian Ronnie

22 December 2007

Minolta lense

Minolta really got lots lenses

20 December 2007

new christmas toy

My new toy Sony A100. This baby previouse owner was tan, he very took care of his baby, but now he had new A700 baby liaw! so he sell of his baby to me. The 50mm F1.4 lense and 56am flash i buy from other ppls.
A100 with my old Eos10

14 December 2007

Bukit Jalil cars and girls event

My favorites Photo of the day
FHM girls
PlayfullSolid Body
Pink Panther
Mr. Bean
The car too hot...

04 December 2007


Morning went to KL Bird Park to take photos with my Photo kaki frens

After the photo session we went to PJ SS2 for Korean BBQ foods
Tan and Angel the most funniest couple
At nite i went to Shilla Korean Buffet Restaurant at The Curve

My photo kaki fren
Chocolate dips and cakes
Coffee Cake
Yummy chocolate ice cream and 5th chocolate cake
The Curve Christmas Decorations
The living room very nice...

One Utama

After sat work decide go One Utama jalan jalan and snap some photo of their decorationsThe Decoration at old wing, it was like the Cinderella story
The Decoration at new wing, a big big musical toy!
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Then head for the BAR.B.Q Plaza for dinner
We ordered the seafood plate
Grill or soup, its up to u...Fry prawn with potato-golden crispy...yummy...