31 August 2006

Merdeka run

Aug 31,
Organizer: PAS,

this is the most kan cheong and suffer run in my life,
they give only 20 medals for men open,15 medals for under 18 and 10 medals for veteran, when flag off all the mens pia like no tomorrow, run like hell loose, make me kia su, scare of losing the medals, i turbo kau kau lat in the start, try to potong as many as possible, i know i was running very fast but not sure my pace, untill i meet ronnie buntut, i told myself die lo, run too fast in the start, as i predict i suffer stomach cramp about half way, have to walk to let the pain go away, by that time i was over take by cm, then kelvin come, pacing with him about few minutes, then i jog slow coz the stomach pain, when not so pain try to run at my comfortable pace, keep looking back to see if got men open runner come or not, until the last 200 m, turbo to the finish line, while near finishing line saw chen run back to pacing with his wife, where to find such good husband? saw ronnie, lai and cm at finishing line cheer for me, thanks guys,


meet many runners i never meet before,
first time had to go on stage to take medal,
so kan cheong but happy,
after medal giving ceremony, we had our family photos, we went to had breakfast before go home. overall was a good race, very well organize race as well,

today is my first time wearing my asic cumulus 7, very comfort and cushioning shoe, like running on clouds, good for long distance, its abit hot on the price, but for satisfaction running its worth it, hopefully will had new PR for putrajaya run next week with new shoe....

28 August 2006

Last week run

25 Aug,

been 4 days rainning in the evening and dint run,
so today plan after work go home and run stair,
5:30 finish work, cinya bad luck, raining,

so had to walk in rain to klcc,
reach klcc the lrt had technical problem!
the station jam with many many peoples,
no choice but wait at klcc,
read magazine, and window shopping,

then had dinner at klcc food court,
wan lau so expensive! rm9 for 'chap fan' (mix rice)
maybe should name 'chop fan' since 'chop' my neck with high price!
about 9pm the lrt moving lia,
reach home about 9:30pm
10:00pm go run stair...

27 Aug,

merdeka run,
free register, free t-shirt, free cap, free flag, free certificate, free foods, free basktball game, free futsal game, free paint ball game, free dance show, free free free...
the morning raining le, sing 'negaraku' under the rain! so touching...
but so fun run in the rain with many peoples,
dont care just step on water and splash other peoples haha...
cannot turbo coz block by many peoples,
saw many peoples taking short cuts,
just a short run, finish the run about 27 minutes,
then had some photo with ronnie, cm and fren,
then we go breakfast at jalan alor.

LSD run at lake garden with Grace,
plan to do 6 laps, but only done four laps, suffer blister and pain at calf :( ,

1th laps 12m28.50s~5m30s
2th laps 22m34.57s>9m
3th laps 11m58.95s~5m12s
4th laps 15m.27.36s~6m43s


Grace ran 6 laps,
timing= 1h 37m

22 August 2006

my beloved dog dog 22 aug 2006

today afternoon get phone call from my dad, say the dog dog (the dog name) has pass away this morning in clinic, heart felt so pain, as i cant do anything, cant even pamper her for last time, i was hoping i could pamper her again when i come back this september, may her soul rest well...
she been with our family quite sometimes, its like part of our family, still can remember her crazy and funnny atitude, i like to play with her when i go back miri, most of the times i like to bully her, then her mom will come to rescue, guess her mom will be very sad of losing her daughter...
i try to control my tears in office when received the news, but i cry out when at home writing this blog, only tears told me how much i love my dog dog, looking back, everytime i come back miri she remember me, wanted me to pamper her, i just dint spend much time with her...
everyone in life come and goes, only memories remains, the memories make us remember them, only when they are gone then only u know how much they mean to u, by that time its too late, u cant spend time with them anymore, only tears told u how much they meant to u, told u how much u regret dint spend every moment u had with them, told u dint appreciate them when they r still there...
for me there is nothing important than spending every moment with someone i love very much...

20 August 2006

Sunday LSD

20 Aug, lake garden,
doing lsd alone,
plan to do 7 laps but only done 5 laps coz the knee cannot take it,
the break down,

14m10.30s ~6m10s
13m44.02s ~5m59s
14m24.19s ~6m17s
14m31.12s ~6m20s
14m45.31s ~6m26s

total time=1h11m34.94s
total distance=11.5km
hopefully next week can increase the lsd distance

Singapore Marathon Registration Confirmed

Just registered the Singapore Full Marathon last few days,
online registration was easy one,
less than 10 mins,

fees: SGD 42 for early bird before end of this month
date:3 Dec 2006
gift:running vest, t shirt and medal guarantee!!!
more details here : singapore marathon 2006

Ticket to Mizuno 10km Run

Hoho... received the mizuno run ticket...
venue:Padang Merbok,
date:17 Sept 2006,
gift: mizuno t shirt, and medal guarantee!
more details at: pacesetters

16 August 2006

13 August 2006

Mpaj run

cinya am kam again!

about 6am arrive at steven corner,
saw rac, ronnie, cm and chen,
then lai come,rac fren also come,
together we head to the padang,
drop in our lucky draw number and do aerobic warming up,
about 7am, go to the starting line,
i like to start at behind so i go stand last place there,
then the horn sound started the race,
run, run, run...
Indian runner very fast hor... even school children Indian potong me!
only 2km already fell like the leg very tired,
what the hell happen? is it not enough warming up?
the answer is i dont have enough rest after friday pia for 8 laps at klcc,
and yesterday run at TDDI hill with Ameba,
haiz...stop cannot, run fast cannot, better jog slow,
now only 3km then nature call come,
what la me got so many problem one!?!,
want pee at tree also dont dare, tahan and tahan,
at 5km water station, after grab drinks,
i go near by car service centre to find toilet,
what?no toilet there... habis... kena tahan again,
lucky 500m down the road got Esso petrol station,
fast fast go to toilet,
now pia all the way to gain back the time lost,
i wasn't fast but at steady pace,
start potong potong people,
lucky i can finish strong, with all the training i had,
not like pj half 10km, felt like want pengsan last 5km,
i cant recall much of the place i run by,
when i focus on run i look down the road only...
is not good coz i nearly run into other ppl,
if i look straight i sure wan look left and right...
last 1km really nice, turbo all the way to the finishing line,
with 2 frens i meet during the run,
all happy happy can finish togeher!
the certificate already finished!
Thanks to Rac steal one for me!
my time was off my target,
1h02m35... am kam by 2m36s...
but nevermind, next time sure 10k can pia under 1hour as long i had my training consistently,
very enjoyable run, not much suffer... :) at least not so suffer like 21k haha...
have breakfast with ronnie and his bini(rac),
before go home...
next 3 week will be training for putrajaya half..
cant wait to use the timing chip!
and mizuno wave run must pia under 1 hour!

11 August 2006

cinya am kam 8 laps

wanted to do 10k under 1 hour but Fail...
am kam by 41 seconds!!!
will PR next time...
today weather cinya sui, not hot after rain,felt can pr...
today want to do revange run coz last few day sick and dint had good run,
today saw racheal walking a guy(forgot his name but know by his face),
and lai fong san running in klcc,by the time he just want start running i already do 6 laps...
the result...
1st lap--7m04.24s~5m29s

2nd lap-7m26.02s~5m44s
3rd lap--7m38.64s~5m52s
4th lap--7m37.87s~5m52s
5th lap--9m07.37s~7m05s
6th lap--7m39.87s~5m53s
7th lap--8m57.93s~6m55s
8th lap--7m03.57s~5m29s

total distance= 10.4km
total time= 1h2m35.51s
average pace= 7m49.44s~6m05s
predited 10k~1h0m40s

KLCC pacetable

10 August 2006

Bidor Form

Date: 5th November 2006 (Sunday)

Venue : Dewan Muhibbah Bidor, Perak

Entry Fees : RM25 Adult

Closing Date : 8/10/2006

Collection of Vest, Bibs & Pins :
Tukang Jahit Mexico
No 17 Jalan Panggung Wayang
35500 Bidor Perak Darul Ridzuan
Date : 24/10/06 to 4/11/06 2pm to 5pm (Monday to Saturday)

Payment by cheque/ P.O/ M.O/ Cashier Order must be made payable to :
Pergerakan Pemuda PGRM Negeri Perak
Mail entries to Tukang Jahit Mexico, No 17 Jalan Panggung Wayang, 35500 Bidor, Perak Darul Ridzuan.

Contact Person : Mr Lee Choy Hin 019-5562994, Mr Koo Chee Khin 012-5027218, Mr Ong Ngan Fatt 012-4329119.

Guarantee medal if you can complete the run within the qualifying time.
21km - 2 hours 45 minutes
10km - 1 hour 45 minutes

06 August 2006

Gunung Datuk hiking

Nice view up there but a bit haze...
Jason had overcome his hear of height! the reward 3 of us take photo together!
With other gangs...
enjoying the view...

05 August 2006

first 8 laps in klcc

today plan to do 8 laps to add to my milage,i felt i had not prepare well for half marathon even i had run 3 already, my knees hurt after crossing 13km mark, today saw dr jamie,lai fong san and sim at there too. thanks to ronnie pacing with me first 2 laps, 3rd lap he go pangsai, so discouraging, 4th lap after pangsai pacing with me again, 5th lap he go ahead as i had to slow down coz of knee pain, finish the rest lap by myself,half way talk with some jogger, even though knee hurt abit, but i determine to finish the 8 laps,some many times felt like giving up coz the devil inside me asking me to stop! i had to ignore it! 7th laps i try to slow down to so i can pia at last lap, at last lap increase my speed and at last 100m pia with all my turbo to the finishing line, so satisfie!

1st lap 7m54.42s~6m5s
2nd lap 7m36.64s~5m52s
3rd lap 7m46.00s~5m59s
4th lap 7m33.69s~5m48s
5th lap 8m26.82s~6m28s
6th lap 8m09.38s~6m15s
7th lap 9m45.99s~<7mins!!!
8th lap 7m35.94s~5m50s

total distance=10.4km
total= 1h4m48.88s
average pace=8m06.11s~6m15s

01 August 2006

Penang Bridge Run

1:45am-only catch 1 hour sleep, then wake up to prepare myself, fetch my bro, fei and his girl friend to the car park near the bridge.

3am-reach there, still early so sit by the road side, chat with my bro, while looking at all those school boys and girls, half marathon start at 5:30am le...

4am-the full marathon start, cheering for those runners

5am-start to masuk kandang kambing, walk through housing area to the starting point.

5:30am-before reach the starting point already hear the starting sound went off, quickly press my watch timing, and start running at slow pace about 6:30mins/km with my bro. my bro had bad habits he like to over took people, i told him to slow down because the run still long, 22.3km not 10km like we run in pj half. the feeling so nice when reach the bridge, the air breeze... so cold... when near the middle of the bridge i keep looking to the other side of bridge for the full marathon runner. i saw mr. tey, i shout at him and wave at him... its fun when meet friends during the run... after the 1st water station feel want to pee, but where the hell to find tree on the bridge? so tahan until reach the 2nd water station,

about 1 hours 10 mins we reach the 2nd water station, pull out our power gel, tear, and suck it! then have 2 cups of drink. my bro go a head while i go find tree... know la cannot tahan lia... after release fast fast pick u speed and catch up with my bro. after the big u turn, its really challenging, road was incline and steer to the left, with no hill training, now i am suffering... knee also start to pain... about 13 km had to ask the nurse to give me some ice on my knee. my bro already pickup very far... i have to jog slowly and walk if pain...coz wan reserve for last run...

3rd water station, drink one bottle of mineral water, jog and walk, enjoy the sea breeze and scenery on the bridge, not everyday u can do this on penang bridge le! then jam myself with those student runners. all come jalan jalan one, there is one runner i very piss off, he wanted to over took me but he make stupid sound using his touge, something like 'shss' scare me, somemore he run very slow, after he over took me he was block by the student, so he make those f%*^ sound again, i so damn piss off, turn on my turbo and smoke him! feel so great after let him smell my a#$ ...

near last 2km meet up with my bro, he already puncit... haha... so i told him to walk with me, then last 1 km we jog la... last 1km jog slowly, but when knowing its near finishing line we run together, last 500m pia head to head with my bro to the finishing line,run with all my turbo!, we manage to overtook one runner before reach the finishing line. guess the runner must be piss off. we collect our medal and cert, without looking back we fast fast head to collect our goodies bag...meet up with ronnie and gangs. then saw Ah grace coming so chat with her, our timing 2hours 24mins 35s, this is my second blow out, coz the seremban half i did 2hours 30mins ++, worse than the ipoh half 2hours 19 mins, putra half must piat kau kau lat...

somemore Ah Grace improve very well her timing better than mine 2hours 17mins 10s!
kek hei ar...

Weekend adventure in Penang

29 July 2006

6am- pick my bro frens go to Project petrol station for breakfast before start our journey.
10am- reach penang then collect bibs number 2355 and 2356
and had my first rock climbing
11am- search for the hotel and check in
12pm- lunch-Jalan Penang, cendol, laksa, char kuih tiaw and meet up with Jay and Jenny
our tour guide for the day (really thanks them very much!)
2pm- Jalan Burma Temples, Sleeping Buddha
4pm- Fort Cornwallis
5pm- eat again- Jalan Swatow, cendol, popiah, o chean, yam cake, hokkien mee, curry mee, crispy cucur udang and tauhu
7pm- Kek Lok Si Temple
9pm- dim sam- Lebuh Chulia


5am- Penang Bridge Marathon
finish the 22.3km run in 2 hours 24 mins 35 sec, leg very tired but happy can finish it with my bro.
12pm-Check out, go for Dim Sam
1pm-movie at Gurney
4pm-last good bye with Jay and Jenny before leave Penang
9pm- reach kl... damn tired...