27 June 2006


6:30 pm
Negative Split
Me(4 laps),DK(8 laps & New PR!)
Run with-in target time 1.3km per lap,

Target time----------->result:
1st lap 7m40s---->7m26.28s -13.72s
2nd lap 7m35s -->7m26.36s -8.64s
3rd lap 7m30s--->7m11.66s -18.34s
4th lap 7m30s--->7m15.85s -14.15s

total time= 29m20.15s
total distance= 5.2km

26 June 2006

Nike Triax Speed 50

Nike Triax Speed 50, my new toy :)
heres the summary:

-50 laps memory
-Five-segment interval timer
-Target Time to track my pacing
-Data Mode record lap memory, best lap, average lap, Target Time differentials
-dual time display
-date display
-scratch-resistant mineral glass crystal,
-water 100 meters

hope with this new toy can improve my pacing more accurately :)

25 June 2006

New shoe running

6:30 pm
2km Wangsa Maju S2,
2km Wangsa Maju S4,
1km up and down small hill,
1km back to Wangsa Maju S2,
10th floor Menara Alpha stair running,
total= 6km.

today was not suppose to run coz yesterday doin long run, but since my bro ask me to run so we go for it, somemore i can test my new Mizuno Wave Creation 6 hahaha... at first 2km my arch felt pain, maybe coz of the wave plate havent break it, but after that there is no more pain, the shoe was smooth and cushioning, this is the most light weight running shoe i ever own :) , because it is light wieght my stride getting softer compare to heavy shoe i using, i test it on uphill and down hill run the shoe quite stable, then do some sprint with the shoe, very fast and efficiency, before reach home when ran up 10th floor instead of using lift to train our calf muscle, very satisfie with the shoe, but when reach home me and my bro felt sore at calf, this is due from yesterday long run and today run, we should have rest, so tomorrow will not have any run :) ...

24 June 2006

New shoe

Mizuno Wave creation 6, i saw this shoe last year when it was still expensive prize at rm529, but today i got it at rm 265 after 50% discount, after breakfast at jalan alor , me togather with my bro and ah loong go sungai wang, they help me choose my shoe while me and my bro help ah loong choose his traveller backpack, will wear it at Ipoh International run, cannot buy Wave Rider 8 later Ronnie dont like haha... :P the reason i choose Creation over Rider is coz it had more cushion more than rider, i quite fat so need more cushion lo... haha...

First 11.5km

7 am
Tasik perdana
Run 1 lap within 15m00s-14m30s~

today we suppose to do 9 laps (20.7k),its like mission impossible for us(me and bro), but we will try our best,the night before i cannot sleep well coz 'kan cheong' about today run... at 6:15am we wake up pack out things and head to tasik perdana,about 7 am meet up with Dk and his fren chen, do little streching and poof* me, my bro and DK we run, overall its better than pj half marathon 10km run, where i not much suffer, run at comfortable pace, the down side is my leg not use to the heavy mileage so the legs suffer, mental was also very challenging, try just focus on the run and enjoy the scenery... after 2 laps my ankle start to hurt and my bro say his calf also hurting, so DK told us at least do 5 laps, so the target cut down to 5 laps haha... :) , its so encouraging when i see othe Pace Maker member also there for run, at least not so bored in the run. after the run, DK run 2 more laps, he so powerfull la... after bath, we had breakfast with ronnie, racheal, ah loong, justin and richard at jalan alor :) so fun!

here's the split time break down:
1 lap- 13m 12.12s
2 lap- 13m 54. 08s- 27m 06. 20s
3 lap- 14m 01. 44s- 41m 07. 64s
4 lap- 13m 46. 56s- 54m 54. 20s
5 lap- 13m 44. 38s- 1h 8m 38. 58s


after complex calculation, the 10k about 59m 43s,wow... little improvement from pj half marathon 10k where i do about 1h 10m, so my target time for ipoh international run on 2 july 2006 for 10k will be under 1 hour :)

20 June 2006

First 10 km run

18 june 2006, slept at 1:30am wake up ar 4:30am then go for the pj half 10km run, sure die like this, but lucky had my bro and boss torture ourself with the run. this time i ask them to had breakfast( learn from last time mistake), we still duno wat the outcome will be with the furthest run about 3km non stop, again by faith we hope to finish this run under 1 hour 30 mins, our plate number: old blue mini cooper (me)=D0448 SKYLINE GT 34 (bro)=D0451Roll Royce (boss)=D0450
6:45am the run start, we start at last place then over take all those bicycle (slow runner) one by one, at 2km already felt bearing (toe nail) cracked, Roll Royce (boss) let us go ahead coz he wan to enjoy his ride, run at steady pace untill the one and only PETRONAS (water station), fill up with the new PRIMAX3 (100plus), then run untill the motorola bridge, when climbing the bridge SKYLINE GT 34 (brother) kick in his 1st nitro (power) up the hill, 'wan lau' climb hill already hard he somemore use his nitro (power) but i dint coz the suspension (leg) start to felt heavy, nevermind still push on... 'ur body still can do it dont let ur mind give up first on u' i told myself, at 5km i catch up with SKYLINE GT 34 (brother) but my ball joint (shoulder) hurts, really had no idea why running it will had pain! so i just pin my hand on my waist to relief the stress , about 7km i can felt oil leaked (blister on my toe) and my suspension (knee) about to give out, so torturing... but i told myself 'i come very far i cant stop now, must go on... just few more turn will finish' lying to myself but to encourage myself : at about 8km my engine (stomach pain) problem come... Hiaz! this is killing me, i had to slow down by following safety car (uncle) pace, but my SKYLINE GT 34 (brother) kick in his second nitro untill i only can see his tail light (butt) from far, when i saw the stadium 'ya hoo' so happy then i kick in my only nitro(power) to the stadium enterance thinking the finish line was at then enterance, turn out the finish line is at the other side of the football field, wat the f*@#, what to do? look so near but yet so far, nitro (power) also finished, drag my half attached suspension (leg) around the stadim track until then finish line... so relief... i was at place number 179, SKYLINE GT 34(brother) at place number 170 about 1 minute split time, the timing was about 1 hour,at least under 1 hours 30 mins very encouraging! at the end of the run got chance to take photo with those excotic car like ferrari(ronnie)and lamborgini, porsche, lotus, BMW, mercedes, etc...(all pacemaker families)
sometimes wondering why i wan torture myself like this??? knowing this old mini cooper (me) cant perform well with alot problem but still wan to join the race. will work hard to upgrade to the new model mini cooper in future... but for this few day cannot run need to bring my cooper for servicing oil leak (toe blister) :P

First time klcc run with ronnie

8 june 6pm, after work go meet ronnie(my idol) with my bro(how) at klcc 800m mark, when reach there, he told us there will be a battle between dk and mr. lai, for 3 laps under 18 mins 3.9km, means under 6 mins 1.3km, OMG! my record was 6mins30sec nitro all my power, impossbile i can do 3 laps. at 6:40pm the race start, we(me&how) follow behind ronnie, at half round my nitro start to kick in, but at the near end of 200m the nitro finished... then engine(stomach) got problem very pain, the air filter was blocked(stamina problem) hardly breath, but keep holding on untill the finished the 1st lap, then i switch on my hazard light and go at the slow lane... after reach the 2nd lap had to go into the pit stop lia... everything malfunction haha... very 'pai sie' kaka... so surprise that dk was also at pit stop, stop at second lap, so we wait for the champion mr.lai to claim his title. though very sad cant finish the 3 laps but the best part is i break my new record in klcc one lap <5m45.55> under 6 mins... what an great encouragement :) we also meet many of the pacemaker (http://pm1.blogspot.com/) family :)

First 7km run

5 march 2006, klim 2006, it was my first marathon event, even only 7km but i feel the rush when i saw many runner for 21k and 42k, dint see ronnie around, i sign up with my bro but he dint come coz he go back Miri for holidays, guess gonna run alone... bit scare coz never run 7k, the furthest i run was 2.2k in wangsa maju section 2 route, by faith i believe i can finish it, at 6:15am the 7k begin, run with alot people, children, school boys and girls, uncles and aunties, leng chai and leng lui... at start feeling so good, start potong all the school boys and children 'kakaka' until the first water station then i already blow out, headache and stomach pain, maybe due to i dint take breakfast and water (bad idea), grab a bottle of mineral water and drink, from the i walk until the jalan bukit bintang, ran and stop, until the road trun into jalan tunku abdul rahman i know the finish line is near so run kau kau to the finish line, potong all those aunty and uncles kakaka... when finish i look at the time it was only 7:15am, i guess not bad 7km in 1 hours with walk and run... when finish a guy give me piece of paper, i think what? is it for breakfast? so i ask around where to change this piece of paper and turn out its to get a Am bank bag... to my surprise i get a medal with a certificate!
so encouranging for me to run next time :)