25 September 2006

Encouragement ...

I love these encouragements I gets and keep me train hard and finish the races:

1. Bring back the medal then we will talk... Claudia Tan
2. U wont make it to the finishing line la... Claudia Tan
3. U not born to be runner... Tey
4. Dreaming la u... Fei Tan
5. U cant even run 15 mins! Fei Tan
6. U train 10 more years la to be like me! Mr.How
7. Sleep on sunday better la wat for wake up so early? Sunny Choo
8. U gila ka run so far? Jay Tan
9. See how far u can run! My mom
10. What for run? got car ma... Taxi Driver

17 September 2006

Mizuno 10km

First Running Photo
Uncle Hooi, Sim, Me, Grace (my running buddy), Jason and SL
Pacemakers Families and Friends
Date: 17 Sept 2006
Time: 7:30am
Venue: Padang Merbok
Route: Double Hills (killing hills to me...)

Totally did not sleep well yesterday, toss around the bed and it was near 12 am! I so nervouse about the Mizuno run, sub1 sub 1 sub 1... Sms Grace ask her to mornng call me, then i recieve Tey sms ask me to morning call him, it is like morning call networks. Thank Goodness can sleep after 12am... Sleep like piggy i guess...

At 4:15am Grace morning call me, get my stuff had my breakfast and head to fetch her. Before i morning call Tey, he already sms me 'i wake up lia!'. After pick up Grace we head to Bukit Aman car park, and to our surprise we reach there before 6am. It was too early and so she slept in the car while i put on my running shoe and apply the cream on my knees. Then Tey arrived, he pass the Mizuno bib to Grace. Few minutes later Dr. Jamie arrived with two 'leng lui's, Wendy and Mary. Follewed by Azwar the PM#3 and he is damn funny. It was my first time meeting them, we only chat on the Internet all this while.

About 7, we headed to the padang Merbok, when arrived there i saw a Big Mizuno Shoe! Grace went to toilet and i do some streaching and warming up. I saw Lai and CM during my warming up run. I ask CM join me for the warming up run, so we ran together and have some chit chating. Later we proceed to the starting line and saw Jason. He say he wanted to pace with me. After few minutes waiting i plan to have so streaching and warming up again because my body felt cold.I walked back behind the crowd i saw Phyllis, greeted her and have little chat with her. As i reached behind the crowd and start to run the opposite then the starting horn sounded. I had to turn back to the crowd now and I was starting last.

Maybe i had fate with this guy Kenny, since the day i pace with him in Seremban half for last 2km to finishing line, every race i go i will meet him, so today was not excluded. Pace with him for first Km, after a turning road to the right and he was gone?!? So ran alone for before Jason come from behind and greeted me, and speed off. Before reach first water station meet up with double Kelvin (Ng and Chow), I told double Kelvin the first hill was killing me, then Kelvin Chow told me there is few more hills for me to suffer and ask me to speed off now before next hill. So i speed off, and meet up with Grace,by that time the next hill was approching, and it is really suffer going up hill. Grace overtook me as well Double Kelvin overtook me easily. I have to walk when reach at the top of the hill. At that time i saw DR.Jamie and pace with him for a while before Jason greeted us and pace with us.

Before reach the big 'U' turn at Jalan Kuching Jason ran beside me and told me 'if u want to PR u had to maintain this pace'. I was thinking what pace he was saying about? and he increase his pace leaving me behind. I just ran with my comfortable pace. After the big 'U' turn i keep following my comfort pace. I saw Jason just in front of me. Then come to the last hill, Jason slow down to pace with me, I tackle the hill with speed, and had to bear the suffering, had to walk again when reach top of the hill, after 10 steps of walk I continue run on, I don not want to waste too much time walking.

Then i saw the distance marker showed 2km, and i look at watch it was 50 mins, i was thinking can i make it in 10 mins? Just do it! I run with a blue vest guy, lucky it was downhill and can increase the speed, the guy really fast, i keep on following him. We pass by the Tugu Negara and i know the finishing place was near. After left turn to the Jalan Parlimen i catch up with Grace. That time the guy keep increasing his speed and I keep following him. Then turn left into the road leading into the Padang Merbok car park, I saw 500m mark and i increase the pace overtook him, and the last 500m felt like cannot finish. My mind just keep thinking 'sub1 sub1 sub1' I wanted to give up coz nearly out off breath, but I told myself it is near lia. Few more metres just persevere on, 'pia kaut kaut lat!' give all my effort. The last streach was like turn right go straight, make 'U' turn and go straight and make another 'U' turn before straight to the finishing line! When cross the finishing line i felt want to fainted coz run with all effort and saw Tey taking photo for me. I look at my watch and it showed 58m46'01 and my lucky draw number was '363'. So happy can make my first sub 1 in 10km. Grace arrived later with timing 59m10 with placing 40th. We both so happy coz we manage to achieve first our sub1 target in 10km. All our sunday LSD training really help us improve our running timing.

Then i meet up with the rest of Pacemaker members like Justin, Sim, Chen, Double Kelvin (Chow and Ng), Dr.Jamie, Kenneth, Jason, DK and CM. As well other running friends like ZulAzlan, Karen Siah and Wendy Lim (Ipoh Superstar, many peoples request to take photo with her!). As usual we had group photos before me and Grace left to the Terry fox run. The run full of peoples support for the Cancer charity run. The run was short about 22mins as we take the wrong route (4km). We had breakfast at Jalan alor, before buy CD-R at Low Yat and I fetched her home. I arrived home at 1pm. Damn Tired and happy...

15 September 2006

Great Eastern 30k Run

Date: 21 Jan 2007
Venue: Tasik Perdana
Time: 6am
Distance: 30km and 20km
Closing Date: 1st Jan2007 or 1000 Enteries
Entry Fees: rm40 for public, rm30 for Pacesetters member


10 September 2006

Putrajaya Half Marathon 2006

Full Marathon flag off
Kenny and his friendbefore masuk kandang
pacemaker and gangs
me with ah lai

New PR... Cinya happy...
this is one of the run i want to participate last year,
but dint join last year, coz not ready...
but today so happy and confident coz last few weeks train with few long runs,
and the result pay off with improvement of 14 mins,
somehow i must do more milage in long run,
i near hit the wall at 19/20km,
and one more thing i cant stand is blisters,
guess something not rite with my socks,
wet like water sponge, and causing blister, very painfull,
especially last few kms...

this morning 4am wake up, thanks to ronnie for the morning calls,
after breakfast go to fetch him, the meet up with cm at kajang tolls,
then we head to putrajaya, the drive was smooth,
and manage to find parking very near to lugage area,
so can snap some photo of the full marathon flag off at 6am,
as usual take so photo with the pacemaker friends,
grab a power bar,
then warming up and prepare for the half marathon flag off,

6:30am, the half marathon flag off,
as usual i like to start from behind... so run slowly, and pick up the pace slowly, only 2km into the run already feel pain on the knees, but i ignore it, just enjoy the run, arrive at the first bridge and it was like goin uphill, lucky got train hill running last few days, else i suffer, run steady when goin up and pick up speed when goin down, after goin down make a right turn, grab a blue ribbon,not from the Marshal, but i took it from the ground! why cant they have more Marshals? then arrive at the water station at 5km, have a sips of water and go on, then meet up with DR.Jamie, say 'hi' to him and go on, at 8km i was drafting behind a runner, just follow his speeds, at 10km water station, i took out my power gel, hidden under my cap haha... after take power gel manage to speed up abit, catch up with Kenny, under a bridge where he doing streching, then at the 16 km drinking stations, meet up with Grace, i have a drink and do some streaching, i scare hit the wall, then continue to run, take bath under water spraying hose, however i think its bad idea,coz it make my whole body wet, and felt heavy,
then reach a water station marked 38km, celaka i was fooled by it thinking 3 more km left coz thinking it was 18km, actually it was 4km left coz 42-38=4km not 21-18=3km, Ftaaa guys should put 17km marker for half marathon ma! cinya stupid one! if i the only one wrong then i am stupid lo, but many half marathon also being fooled! if u run like tired where got time wan calculate the kms le? so i turbo at 38km mark untill the then 40km, and guess wat? after the 40km mark all the runner turn left, coz being fooled thiniking 40km mark is the 2okm mark, then still got 2km left la... aiya.... felt like want to cry and give up... walk and run coz cinya hot lia, after the last water stations, slow jog and after last turn saw the finishing line lia, it near yet so far, increase pace and come to the finishing line, 2 h 5m 5 s(chip timing), 2 h 5 m 42 s(gun timing), after finish cinya fustrated, had to queue there to take medals, think wait for 2/3minutes there, if for those ppl pia kau kau lat in last 100 metres, sure pengsan if wait standing on queue, one more bad point of the organiser,

after take the medals, meet ronnie and sim, change cloths and go snap photos, we headed to puchong for breakfast before go home, during breakfast everyone, talk about the run and see photos in the digital cameras, it was an enjoyable sunday...

next week run, mizuno run...

03 September 2006

klcc and lake garden run

klcc 8 laps with DK,
its been long time never run with DK since he went to USA,
before the run meet up with Dr. and Rohiazah,
have little chat with them,
today plan to do 10laps,
but after 8laps i plan to go home since it was dark,

1st lap--8m02.65s~6m11s

2nd lap-7m30.76s~5m47s
3rd lap--7m50.32s~6m03s
4th lap--7m36.43s~5m52s
5th lap--7m54.63s~6m06s
6th lap--8m10.23s~6m18s
7th lap--7m25.74s~5m43s
8th lap--7m50.62s~6m02s

total distance= 10.4km
total time= 1h02m21.38s
average pace= 7m47.67s~6m00s
predited 10k~1h00m00s

lake garden,
doing LSD with Grace,
i ran 7 laps while she ran 8 laps,
today is second 3rd time wearing Asic Cumulus 7,
the cushion is good, but got little blister at my small toe,
maybe is cause by the sweat in the socks,
i felt wet in the sock after running in klcc for 8 laps,
and after today run, maybe should try for thin sock with dry fit?
after LSD go breakfast with Grace at chow kit for the spicy pan mee,

1st lap--13m48.25s~6m01s

2nd lap-13m39.23s~5m57s
3rd lap--13m44.04s~5m59s
4th lap--14m05.02s~6m08s
5th lap--14m36.18s~6m21s
6th lap--15m23.49s~6m42s
7th lap--13m05.75s~5m42s

total distance= 16.1km
total time= 1h38m21.96s
average pace= 14m03.14s~6m06s

Grace ran 8 laps,
timing= 1h 55m 59s