31 January 2010

Hartamas Route revisit

Long Slow Run...

28 January 2010

Apple turn sour into Lemon...

Good news tomorrow can get back my imac.The BAD news is the problem is there ... According to the apple service centre another apple repesentative will call me in 3 weeks regarding this case and they will help me to solve this problem. That mean i will have to make another visit to the repair center, but then why can not just change a new one for me? Its not fun to back up all my data and carry the imac over 10kg ++ to the shop/repair center and back home. Wasted my time and cost of travelling.

History of the my imac:

09/12/2009- buy imac from Mac City

23/12/2009- notice the yellowish color on the bottom right side of the screen

25/12/2009- send back imac to mac city

09/01/2010- get back imac from mac city- still have the problem(reason i get from Mac City-its normal on these 21.5 inch new imac, the apple malaysia would not guarantee this problem will not happen if change new imac for me, so they only change my current lcd, they told me to call 1-800-803-636 to settle the problem. Useless retailer cant even help me solve the problem, in the end i need to settle the problem myself, really regret buy from this shop. When they want your money they say everything also can, after get ur money u have to settle problem urself)

13/01/2010- call 1-800 803-638 apple malaysia support to complaint regarding this matter, after half an hour troubleshoot on the phone, they ask me send to KLCC Machine for repair.

17/01/2010- send imac to KLCC Machines

20/01/2010- KLCC Machines email me and acknowledge about this problem and they said will change the LCD again for me.

28/01/2010- Get call from KLCC Machine and told me the problem still there after replace new LCD. A representative will call me in 3 weeks time to help me settle the problem, however i can get back the imac from GARDEN Machine the next day.

On total days i own imac 50 days, 26 days sitting at the repair center. 24 days sitting on my table.

27 January 2010

Morning run

2.5km 14m40s
rest 3mins
2.6km 14m50s

26 January 2010

Easy swim

50m x 30 focus on technique and drills

24 January 2010

Sunday LSD

Bukit Aman->Mount Solarist- this is first time run this route
14.2km 1h40mins @ 7mins/km pace with rest and drinks at Mount Solarist

21 January 2010

Next friday could get back my iMac hopefully...

SR13734 - Imac‏
From: Offline XXX (XXXXX@machines.com.my)
Sent: Thursday, 21 Jan, 2010 3: 18 AM
To: yin_fook@hotmail.com
Hi ,

We found out that LCD got problem. Already order the LCD (20/1/10) and estimate will be arrive after 3-4 day (not including weekend).
To fix and test 1 or 2 day.
We will update you after confirm all tested ok.

Machines Service Sdn Bhd.

Great Run...

Today did:
2.54km @ 14m50s
3mins rest
2.5km @ 14m37s

i not sure coz of last week 10km hilly run , newton shoe or i breath with my mouth helps me, anyway i just happy with the run. :)

Now a days i automatically wake up at 5:45 am without alarm clock, and feel sleepy during the day, maybe i should try 7 hours of sleep instead of 6 hours sleep. mean 10:45 hit the sack??? no tv no surfing net.... aiyoyo...

20 January 2010


Its time to get serious, i am overly over weight... =*(
need to kick in those good habits again:
eat more frequent, eat more fat, eat more carbs, eat more protein, eat more raw foods, eat more supper, drink more beverage, sleep more, exercise more... hopefully can see some result next monday :)

17 January 2010

New Balance Pacesetters 10KM Run

Event: New Balance Pacesetters 10KM Run
Where: Padang Merbok, Kuala Lumpur
When: 17th Jan 2010
Distance: 10KM with grueling hills
Complete Time: 1h08ms

* This will be last posting before sending my imac back to repair again...

10 January 2010

Opening run for year 2010

Event: Kelab Penembak Bandar Diraja Klang
Where: Jalan Paip near Pekan Meru
When: 10th Jan 2010
Distance: 15KM with grueling hills
Complete Time: 2hours

New year new run, but never expect 1st run already cinya suffer, when i look at the route i already want to pengsan. hill, hill and hill... Despite being unfit since last year i still insist want to sign up this run, partly because the medal and partly i need to train my long run. The graph below show how the hills elevation look like this: (click for bigger graph)
The event was like chaos with power failure (3 times as i could remember) before the event start. The women open category was not brief clear when to start, some of the women open runner dint even know it already started. Water station was enough, got police to manage the traffic control. The medal was nice!
Today blogging from my imac just come back from the shop yesterday, but the problem still there. :( i guess the imac will return to to apple again next week...