26 November 2007

Melawati Hill Hiking

I was excited when Yen Erl told me this Saturday we were hiking the Melawati Hill. Tony will lead us for the hiking. There was 2 route at the Melawati Hill, I been to the easy route before and I wanted so much to try the harder route. So today is the day hoho… We reach Vivian house around 7:45am at Taman Melawati.

Tony told us it will be straight up once we start climbing, the girls was like”oh…” From there we walk a short distance to the starting point, Tony told us not much peoples know this route. There is 3 parts we must go through, the incline part and flat part was the easy one and the last part is the hardest one the climbing part.

During the hiking I found these Algae very interesting, especially the orange color.

This is the view after finish the first part of the hiking. The Klang Gate Dam on the corner right hand side. Opposite was the easy route for the Melawati Hill. The second part was fairly easy as it was all the way flat. We were catch up by Choong before we reach the final part. He was very fast consider he start late.

The far side of the hill is out target.

This is the final part and the hardest part. (the white dot is Yen Erl)

Yen Erl Seem lost.

We had to use rope for the climbing. Going up will be bit easy compare to coming down later.

Everyone taking a rest after a hard climb…

The Dam Side view

The Klang Valley side view

The unexplored hills, Tony told us next time he will explore that hill with Choong

Beautiful scenery near the dam side. After about 10 minutes of rest and chit chatting, we start our journey of going down. The total journey took us about 3 hours. Later we stop by Vivian house for a while before head for our breakfast, thank to Choong for treat us breakfast. It was s great hike, I will go there again…

22 November 2007

What are u searching for...

These was taken from Phyllis blog, she is one of my runner fren fellow from Miri

"For many, life would be amazing if they could just get rid of their problems, fear and worry. Overall, there are 3 main pieces to an amazing life: Health, Happiness & Success!

Health: This includes our physical, mental and emotional health. No matter how wealthy you are, without our health, the rest of our life can be really challenging.

Happiness: Everyone wants to feel and be happy. You don't have to wait or plan for happiness. Looking at those important aspects of our life that really matter, but which we can forget about in the frantic pace of life today. Maybe you can start from looking for someone that you love and spend the rest of your life with him/her.

Success: Don't confuse success with money. You don't have to be a millionaire to be considered as someone who are success. Ask yourself what do you want in your life and try to achieve it. Whether for better health, more happiness, a better job, better relationships, or feeling that life is worthwhile."

I cant agree more with her, $ not = success, but if no dream how to success? :P

17 November 2007

Vote for her...

TOP10 reason y must vote for her to be
8TV promnite

1. I Knew Karen from last year Mizuno run, and since then she been kicking my ass in every races...

2. She had very nice tan skin3. She completed 2nd Full distance of Powerman duathlon4. She feature in Nov 2007 Shape Magazine and force me to buy the magazine5. She complete her Olympic distance triathlon6. She is PowerBar Power Girl-theres where my power supply come from7. She told me she convert to Hindustan liaw...8. She is Miss Metropolitan 20079. Appear on Metropolitan college Big Banner10. She exchange with me 3 power gels for Lays chip(and bribe me to write this advertisement)So vote for her now! click here

12 November 2007


7am: meet ERL and gang for bukit gasing run+walk
7pm: dinner at Bumbu Bali, Bandar Puteri, Puchong

07 November 2007

Lance 13 mins faster than last year

From Nike : Lance Armstrong has done it again! He finished the marathon in 2 hours, 46 minutes, 43 seconds on Sunday – 13 minutes faster than last year’s time. “Last year, I had no idea what to expect with 26.2 miles, and I paid for it. I enjoyed it much more this year.”

Lance was joined by 10,000 runners, who like Armstrong wore yellow tops to show their support for LIVESTRONG. This year he trained harder, was injury-free and it showed. Congrats Lance on another great finish.

05 November 2007

Weekend Act's

7am go FRIM for a hiking with ERL and the Gangs, its been long time dint go there.

10am play basketball at Bukit Sri Damansara with HSBC staffs

7am run double hill with miew miew and mea mea, after 5km they drop me off coz i too slow for them... but then lucky the last 5km i meet a new fren and we jog together back to bukit aman, he a very humble man, thought me to give thanks for what i had today. He also share his experience in running marathon to me, hope to meet him again in future. last 2 km meet Adrian,its been long time i dint cycle with him, glad see him and he told he had register the powerman this weekend at lumut Perak, He ask me to tag alone but i cant, i just getting back on training and dont wan risk injury myself again, maybe next year :)

9am Terry Fox Charity Run
Miew Miew, Bee Guy, CH, Mea Mea