12 May 2007

Happy Mother Day

*Card created by my bro(i cant read chinese so i dont understand wat my bro telling my mom)

This is my message to my mom..

Its been nearly 10 years since i left home, Time past so fast, Ages catching up, looking at ur face i saw wrinkles and white hairs, Looking back i dint spend much time with u, I wish can spend more time with u, I never had enough time with u when i go back for holidays, I know its so hard for u to see me leaving after my holidays, Ur tears tell me how deep inside ur heart u wish I can stay back, I make my promise to u, One day I will come back by ur side and I will accompany u till the end of time without leaving u anymore...

08 May 2007

Century ride 160km Ipoh 6 May 2007

Starting place Tambun Lost World
Everyone getting ready with their bikes 6amMy bike long lost elder brother
Adrian my cycling buddy
Beep!!! Everyone start pedaling!
I was way behind Adrian Ear
Not very far actually...
2nd water station 83km
Kuala Kangsar Bridge
Stop for a cold 100Plus with Adrian
Another bridge...
Photo with Adrian, 30km to go?!? (i was half death...)
Go! Go! Go! Motivation to ride...
161km in 7h02m... butt already cannot sit anymore...
My 1st ever cycling medal...

Biathlon Bukit Merah 5 May 2007

Me and Adrian before the start
New type of water shower
Everybody line up please...
U jump I jump!
Adrian come out from water
Aiks, where everybody go???
We try act running fast(photo from Arif)
Eugene the fast one
Where is the last U Turn???
Glad i finished...
It was hot out there!
Fook, Eugene, Adrian
Carbo Loading photo with Karen
Not forget nice medal as well

07 May 2007

Foo San Dim Sum, Ipoh

5 May*Har Kwo( 2nd row, 1st) fully loaded with prawn!!!
* Egg Tart(1st row,1st) crispy outside, soft inside...

*Fried Yam(1st row, 2nd) Crispy skin with soft and tasty yam...

Fraser Hill Ride

May 1Group Photo before start
The Fraser hill Clock Tower
My Bike with new Pedal and Saddle
Makan makan
Down hill we go back to our cars