08 June 2009

Klang NB Run

we have confident in the new shoe we purchase few days ago, we know its a risk to use new shoe during race day, but just cant resist the temptations. Even someone told us tat 3.0 is a shoe mean for shopping not for running. Later we prove this is not play play shoe!
Group photo after the run
with frens
ms. rabbit with her trophy
Ms Rabbit with her new shoe that make her personal best in 11km!
one of my best run in 2009,
as i dip slightly below 6mins pace,
the only time i did was in 2007 bidor and mizuno run,
what a loooooong time ago...
The Klang Run was very good in organising the 21km and 11km run,
alot volunteer, good traffic control, enough water station, sadly for 21km all water only,
but for 11km its ok, got plenty of foods after the run.

01 June 2009

June 1-7 Week Act's

Mon Nite : Swim 1500m + Run 1.5km hard + hill

Wed Morning: Leg exercise

Wed Nite : Abs roller + Body Combat

Fri Morning : 5km run

Sun Morning : run 11km 1h 5mins NB Klang Run

Starting weight as start of program : 77.9kg fat 23.5%

Starting weight as June : 72.0kg fat 19.1%
Starting weight current week : 72.0kg fat 19.1%
Current weight : 71.8kg fat 19.0%

Total weight lose for current week : 0.2kg fat 0.1%
Total weight lose for month of June : 0.2kg fat 0.1%
Total weight lose for the program : 6.1kg fat 4.5%