21 February 2010

Kuala Lumpur City Day 7km Fun Run

Event:Kuala Lumpur City Day 7km Fun Run
Where: Dataran Merdeka
When: 21th Feb 2010
Distance: 7.5 KM with 2 big hills
Complete Time: 45m30s @ 6m02s/km

Miss Rabbit

13 February 2010

Double Hill before CNY

Today run with a groups of runners that we first time meet, except M.C my wife fren. Its been long time i dint run in groups. It was fun to run in groups. From 8km onward the pace was increased until last 1km was sprinting very fast.

07 February 2010

Putrajaya Night Marathon

Event: Putrajaya Night Marathon Run
Where: Putrajaya
When: 6th Feb 2010
Distance: 21KM night run with few slope and very humid that will make u struggle...
Complete Time: 2h43m12s Reach 10km 1h05m46s

05 February 2010

03 February 2010

Mistake mistake mistake...

i always burst in early of the run and make myself suffer in the end of the run, need to learn to control my pace.